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Im so sorry 😐 I know this is a 12 month old update... real truth I got a new phone πŸ“± like a month after posting last time. I was writing all of the story at once and was going to update once a week, but I could not retrieve any of my stuff. All my emails, contacts, photos... it took 90 days to active iTunes. I started college life hit hard, but I'm back and every week there will be new chapter !!! Maybe sooner? ----------------------------------------------- You look down at the phone in your hand. This was your number, but the members were here. "Can I answer this without sounding crazy?" You think. You look around one more time, most of the members were listing to music or on their phone as well. "Hello?" You answer. "Jong-dae ?" a girly voice answer from the other end. "Y/N?" You asked. " I'm Jongdae I mean Chen!" She answer "where are you? Where am I?!?" "I have no idea where..." you look around to make sure no one is listing in. Even the manager is ignoring you." Where Chen's body was heading, but that body should be or Y/N is in the USA." There was a long pause from the other end. The a long sigh, you could hear her counting back and walking back to the phone again. " how did you do this !" She asked a little too calm. "I did not do this! I swear!" You hold up your pinky self conscious. You felt someone's long finger wrap around your pinky. "Who are you promising to in the phone?" Asked Chanyeol. Your eyes almost pop out. He was holding your hand or pinky whatever his hand was in your ! You whisper "ch-ch-Chanyeol." "CHANYEOL!!!" Screamed the real Chen. Chanyeol looked confused at the phone then you. " let me speak with him please he can help!" Chen scream. "Y/N, we need someone else to help us!" You look at Chanyeol then give him the phone. He puts one of his fairy ears to it then slowly his eyes grew larger. He looks at you and then the phone with disbelief. Tagging as
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