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Hello everyone!!

So personally I'm not the biggest fan of pastel colors, but that's all changed after this week!!

Because Gongchan is the most precious thing in pastel colors!! He's ten times cuter now!!!!

Don't believe me? Then continue on down this card!! And be prepared to want to hug a teddy bear or something similar to try and let out all the feels this cutie pie gives you~

Awwww just look at how precious he is!!!!!

I just want to reach through the screen and give him a big hug!! He's so adorable it hurts!!!

I mean, he looks so sexy in black and darker colors~ But in light colors!! He's so precious!! Like a little bunny or something cX

If you all didn't think that he was the cutest thing ever plopped down on this Earth...Then you're insane!!

Haha, just kidding. You don't have to think that cX But I do hope you all can see how adorable he is~ Because he really is!! And it hurts how adorable he is!!! xD

Anyway, see you all next Sunday~!!

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He is so cute!
Awe he's such a cutie!!!