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This week's theme is "BTS as boyfriends" and before I start, this is just my opinion of what I think Suga would be like as a boyfriend. ♡♡♡ (Also, let's imagine we live in Seoul. ♡)

▪◇Dinner Dates at His Place◇▪

Lots of delivery! We all know how much he hates going out. ♡(°ℇ °) Take you back to his place, just chill, eat and talk with music on in the background.

▪◇Him Showing You Around Daegu◇▪

Travel to his hometown and he'd show you around. ♡ Even get some treats too while asking all about your home.

▪◇Him Writing & Producing Music◇▪

Suga's life is all about music so there would be a lot of hanging out while he works. ♡ (I'd love to watch him work. ♡♡♡)

▪◇Listening to Music Together◇▪

Lots of spending time together sharing the new music you had both found. (*~▽~) He'd write songs just for you and surprise you with them while you listen to music together.

▪◇Spending the Night◇▪

Cuddling and talking all night. I think he'd be very talkative when it's just the two of you. Waking up in the morning and making breakfast together. ♡


He works a lot. So lots of selfies to remind you he misses you. ♡

▪◇Late Night Walks◇▪

I imagine him to be a night owl and stay up late. Going for walks just to get out. Or grabbing an ice cream right before the shop closes.


Yoongi is an amateur photographer and would probably ask you to pose for him. ♡ And you could have your own photoshoot of him.


Okay, so I know I am one of the few fanboys out there but I had to add this part. ♡♡♡
These are a few things I would love to do with Yoongi as my boyfriend as well as all the above content. (Though all of these can be for any gender.)

▪◇Playing Basketball◇▪

Head out to the park on his day off and play some basketball together. He'd destroy me lol.

▪◇21+ : Drinking Together◇▪

Either go out drinking or just make it a night in with a bottle of each of our favs. Gotta have the music blared no matter where we are though.♡

▪◇Go To The Arcade◇▪

Go out and play some old school games as well as the new ones! ♡

What do you guys think?! ♡♡♡

Bonus bf/bf pics ♡♡♡


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Did you do one of these for all the boys?
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Well, if you ever have the time... 😉 My personal request would be to do Jimin next... 😍. I'd love to have your perspective on him... but just if you're into it and you have a chance. No pressure. I don't make cards myself, so I can only imagine and appreciate the time & effort y'all put into them! Thanks for doing what you do! 👍❤️👏
Love that we get the fanboy perspective from you! Keep it up and keep fanboy-ing on! Plus, u r right, they work from any perspective depending on how personal tastes run. I'd love to shoot some hoops with him, he'd have to help me with my technique (wink wink) 😉😏
OMG where can I sign up to spend a while week like that with him 💖💖💖
These are amazing thanks so much for making it just made my day of even better now to imagine all this hehehe his my bias so I'm fangirling so hard right now lol. Plz do more
he is my UB too, so I was hardcore fanboying when I made this. lol 😍
Ahhh so cute!!
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