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This hair color is my all time favorite on namjoon. It's just so glorious and goes so well with his skin tone. Plus there's some forehead action goin on.
Jin looks good with every hairstyle and color. I mean with a face like his, he's the real winner. Let's break it down tho. I adore the cut, it's not mushroom shaped and fits his face well. The color compliments the golden tones in his skin.
As much as I do love black haired Yoongi, the blonde just makes me feel some type of way. I think he pulls the color off well and I adore the cut. (also, forehead.)
I'm just gonna leave this here......
OH.MY.GOD. I can't even begin to describe how much I loved this on Hobi. (FOREHEAD SIGHTED. I REPEAT. FOREHEAD SIGHTED)
Dear Jimin, if you could cool your jets for a second that'd be great. I mean you don't ALWAYS have to look like a freaking disney prince. Much love, Kat
Such an iconic look. I really did love the purple hair on Tae (more forehead. Are you seein the theme?)
Jung-freaking-Kook. I dont even have words to describe how good this looks on him.
**This is totally based on my opinion.**

I blame bangtan for my thing for foreheads. Should I do this for other groups? Let me know!

I bet bighit will hear our prayers and decide "oh foreheads? ok. boys, we r having a comeback and ALL of your foreheads will be shown. our mission? SLAY THE ARMY" and I ain't ready for the day we can see all of their foreheads
Yuuuss! Speechless when it comes to Hobi in black hair and a little forehead action. 馃檭馃槍馃樆
100% agreed. Please BigHit bring this hair back! on a side note... I can't get over Blond Jin. O.M.G!!!
Bangtan with exposed foreheads is my asthetic 馃憣 #BringBackTheForehead2K17
@GoldenV this is simultaneously my dream and nightmare