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who the hell is holly and why is yoongi ok with namjoon dating holly? i AM not ok
9 months agoΒ·Reply
@Jinnyrod3 holly is yoongi's dog
9 months agoΒ·Reply
like a small fluffy brown dog(who is a boy)
9 months agoΒ·Reply
and even if namjoon is dating he's grown and as fans we need to support instead of going nuts
9 months agoΒ·Reply
@SimplyAwkward never mind that bottom post, Rapmon his the name of namjoon's dog so that person asked which BTS member's dog would date holly so yoongi said rapmon
9 months agoΒ·Reply
i forget that text doesn't show the tone of my voice as just playing but im realistic and i would be happy to hear that any kpop groups be dating. i dont like how certain fans react to hear their biases dating and hating on them. so no worries i love bts and they can do whatever they want and i will support them in any way... ☺
9 months ago