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Day 16 | Reunited

The car quickly came to a stop where the other cars were and when the car doors opened, it was like time stopped. I was expecting a happy reunion with the people I loved and had grown to care for when all I saw was blood.

Not even stopping to say anything, they lifted a body from the back seats and ran inside the house. I turned around quickly, stunned. There was only four of them and one of them was hurt?

Losing the feeling in my legs, I started to fall when I stopped myself. I jolted upright, trying to remain calm. I ran for the door, wanting to help in any way possible.

They had moved everything off the dinner table and placed the injured person on top. It wasn't until then that I realized who it was. 


Krystal and the rest had come downstairs from hearing all the commotion and she stopped when seeing Kai on the table.

It was not a pretty sight. There were cuts all over his body and I didn't see a bite mark...  but they hadn't removed his shirt yet. He was grunting in pain and Taehyung had run to get the first aid kit from the bathroom. He brought it back quickly to help and Yijong started in on Kai.

I wanted to say something, anything, but the shock kept me from doing so. I looked around to see the three others and was relieved to see my father and Jimin. 

But...where was Jimin's father? Only his wife was here and since he wasn't that could only mean....

Oh god. 

No. Not again. Not another one of us.

Tears started to well up in my eyes as I thought about it. But then something even crazier happened. Once they had removed Kai's shirt there was a heavy gash on his side. It had seemed like just a cut, but after cleaning it they all stopped.

The four at the table met eyes, the looks on their faces telling everything. Krystal pushed past them, seeing it for herself. And when she did she lost it.

Kai was bit. 

I brought my hands up to my head, in fear, wanting to scream. But instead, all that came out were sobs. 

I quickly left the room, not wanting to make an even bigger scene when someone started to call after me. I ignored it until the person stopped me, grabbing my wrist.

I turned to look to see the one person I had been the most worried about. 


He looked at me and stopped. He looked exhausted, with a few cuts on himself as well. Not knowing what to do, he just watched me as I fell to the ground, curling myself into a ball.

They didn't even know that Krystal was pregnant. And now Kai...

The very thought made me cry even harder, terrified for about what was to come and what had happened.


It had been two hours since they have gotten back. Kai was finally up and moving but he wasn't looking well. Krystal was with him, just crying into his shoulder as he silently looked at the night sky.

Everyone else had said their hellos and it was only later that we heard what happened.

They were on the way here when they ran into another herd. They tried their best to get through it but there were too many of them and the car had gotten stuck from so many bodies under the wheels that they had to leave the vehicle.

They had seen another car a few miles back and had decided to go try for that. But when they started to run for it, Bong-Chul got caught in the herd. They wanted to go back for him but it was too late. He was gone. 

Even worse, when they got to the car, they had realized Kai had gotten hurt pretty badly. They then raced all the way here and this is where we are now.

I had gone outside once more, wanting to get away from the house. Little did I know that Jimin had followed me. 

"Hey Av," He said, trying his best not to scare me. I smiled slightly at him.

"Hey." He sat down beside me, our shoulders rubbing up against each other. Very carefully, I tried to bring up the one topic I really didn't want to talk about. "D-Do you want to talk about what happened?" I asked, treading lightly. He was probably as devastated as I was when I lost my mom if not more. I wanted him to know that I was here to listen - to help.

But he just shook his head lightly, refusing to talk. Instead, tears started water falling from his eyes, indicating that he was definitely not okay. I hugged him, placing his head on my shoulder as I wrapped my arms around his back. 

I started to tear up again as hearing him cry broke my heart. We stayed like this for awhile hoping to only let the pain leave us and to believe that only good things are to come.

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Hmmm... maybe... if I can... I suck at smut. At least more developments for Jimin and Avri 😂😂😂😂😉
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