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❤Jackson Indirectly clear up the rumors ❤
SO Jackson Indirectly clear up the rumors of their fight.... WE GOT TO LOVE JACKSON..he is the BEST..hehe

"We are still us"... meaning what?.. we are still Markson... hehe

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that's good. They're good. Jackson's so sweet.
7 months ago·Reply
@BabydollBre That Markson had a fight..they probably did..but things Apparently got solve..😂😂
7 months ago·Reply
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@BabydollBre I am glad too..😆😆
7 months ago
yesss Markson fight.....that's seriously juicy in my opinion...but hey I mean friends fight man, I fight with mine
7 months ago·Reply
wtf lol I'm pretty sure he meant it as in all the members lol
7 months ago·Reply
@twistedPuppy you free to interpret it any way you want but Markson did had a
7 months ago·Reply
Lol okay okay
7 months ago