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Hello!! It is Suki here with a new day. Today guess it
Today I have the honor of bringing you the guitarist from Busan, South Korea. He is 182cm and weighs 64kg. A little tid bit about him is he learned to play guitar by watching Eric Clapton. He loves spengding time with his dogs and is really good friends' with SHINee Jonghyun. Have you guessed yet? Let's see who it is Lee Jong-hyun!!! I will be bringing you Jonghyun in mood boards. We have two themes this week. Having fun on the beach and rainy days. I want to bring you the rainy day first, since I do not like the rain. But he makes me rethink that. He is so cute.
A little more facts about him. He was born on May 15, 1990 and spent a lot of his choldhood at the beach. He loves the beach. He loves to go fishing. His agency is FNC Entertainment. He is the former leader of CNBlue, he lost his position to Yong-hwa. He lost 10kg while in Japan in the life of Judo. By the way he is not one you want to meet in the alley. He has a black belt in Judo. When he was younger in elementary school, the kids called him mixed blood. He was so upset that when he got home from school he asked his parents and they told him he is 100 percent Korean. Aww he was such a cute kid. By the way being cute got him selected as UI-Z zang( meaning best looking face in Korea) before he debuted with CNBlue. So without farther a due, lets see his mood board on the beach!!!!
Can you see how much he loves the beach! I wish I was on the beach right now. I hope you enjoyed these mood boards. I will see you next Tuesday!

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