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Hello everyone!

This week we are doing "how you got into Pentagon and why your bias(es) are your bias(es)?"

How did I get into Pentagon?

I watched their debut Gorilla and instantly fell in love with the group. It took me a short time to figure out that my favorites were Jinho, Hongseok, and Yeo One. Shortly after I narrowed it down to just Jinho and Hongseok.

Why is my bias my bias?

In January of this year Jinho and Hongseok were both my biases because of Gorilla still. However I was given the chance to be on the Pentagon support team and I chose to support Jinho over Hongseok. A part of me felt Jinho was calling out to me so I chose him! After that it became more apparent that he was my Pentagon bias!
My wreckers are Hongseok and Yeo One though so they are still in the background lurking around to attack me!
So Jinho is my bias and he's since moved up into my top five biases list. He's at number two right behind my ultimate bias!


If you haven't already joined the Pentagon Community you should! You can do so by clicking >Here<
Literally they're all such wrecker material though!
You've got that right! 😂
So cute
Jinho is a cutie! 😍
He definitely is!! haha XD