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Hello everyone!

This week since I did this in another community I thought I do this here as well!

"How did I get into B.A.P and why is my bias my bias?"

How did I get into B.A.P?

I think the first video of their's I checked out was actually Yongguk and Zelo's Never Give Up. I later checked out One Shot and then Coma which I fell in love with!

How did my bias become my bias?

Haha well this is complicated! My bias started out as Zelo, then went to Daehyun, and then onto Yongguk. It was around last year sometime that Youngjae became my bias...I've almost biased the entire group. Recently I've been getting attacked by Jongup too!! This group loves to kill me!

I will get you back to Daehyun....I promise you I will bring you back to the dark side...😈
I totally understand! Zelo was my first BAP bias but then came along Daehyun but he had no chance since Jongup show up and made me noticed him 😀