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Hello NCT! It's Melissa with Taeyong Monday! For this week, I'll be doing Taeyong scenarios. I hope you like them.
Taeyong tries to have a serious talk with you. You can't take serious while he's wearing that collar. You start making doggie noise. Oh what a cute little puppy! Taeyong tries to be offended but he thinks thats funny too.

Taeyong finds out you had a tough day. He tries to cheer up your day with finger hearts. Finger hearts a galore! Just for you! That's right! Just for my jagiya!

So Taeyong text you saying he has to cancel that night's plans. He will be working late. He knows you are upset with him. He video calls you. He starts sending you cute aegyo to get you to smile. Tada!! *flashing peace signs over He's eye* He just acting so cute, you can't help but smile.

Well that's all for this week's Taeyong Monday! I hope you enjoyed Taeyong scenarios.

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I like that.
@sukkyongwanser Thank you!
It's so cute ☺️💕
@jademarie4567 Thank you 😊
Thank you for putting in effort to make these ♥️♥️