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ES sees the note that she left for Tan in the US hanging in the bulletin board. She takes it to Tan and asks how he saw the note back in the US. Flashback. We originally thought Tan didn’t notice the note, but he did! Tan: "What is that" "How can you leave a note like that on the bulletin board but not call me back when I begged so many times?" Eun Sang: "I didn’t think that you would actually see the note" "Why do you want me to call you?" Tan: “Where are you? Who are you with? When are you going? Can’t you not go? Don’t go. Stay with me a little longer. I miss you.”
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the best part .. tks @Yuan20
One of my fav scenes in this ep!
One of my fav scenes this epi!!
@amyling.. i agree to that. Welcome!
love it;)