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Life sometimes happens and sometimes we don't get to do all the things we want because we run out of time and life also can get in the way... My excuse is I've been ill and my grandfather was in the hospital.

Above is the definition of a psychological thriller thanks to an image i found on google but edited myself.

So with that said I really enjoy this genre because it engages all my senses when watching it. I like to really try to solve it before or gather the clues but at the same time I would like it to engage my emotions. Keep me in suspense touch on all the feels. I found one show that did all that and still had some romance involved.


Byun Ji-sook is working as a sales clerk at a department store when she suddenly comes across her doppelgänger Seo Eun-ha. Whereas Ji-sook's family is hounded by loan sharks because of her father and brother's crippling debt, Eun-ha is the daughter of a congressman and fiancée of chaebol heir Choi Min-woo. Min-woo is the illegitimate son of the chairman of SJ Group and the company's presumptive heir, to the bitter resentment of the chairman's wife and her daughter, Min-woo's half-sister Mi-yeon. Despite his wealthy background, Min-woo had grown up without the love and warmth of family and friends, and his and Eun-ha's future marriage is understood by both parties to be a mutually beneficial business arrangement. He also doesn't know that the man Eun-ha is having an affair with is Mi-yeon's husband, the manipulative and ambitious Min Seok-hoon. Seok-hoon will stop at nothing to prevent his brother-in-law from being named successor, including conspiring with the latter's psychiatrist into gaslighting Min-woo and making him think he's going insane. But his plans go awry when Eun-ha ends up dead, so Seok-hoon threatens and blackmails Ji-sook into taking Eun-ha's place. As Min-woo begins to live in close quarters with Ji-sook, he is puzzled and intrigued by his new wife and how different she is from what he expected.
Basically romantic feelings start to develop between both the main characters. But Ji-sook is trying to figure out who is after her husband and trying to drug him, frame him for murder and make him seem insane.  The half sister at first has nothing to due with the plot against her half brother she generally has great affections towards him.  She starts to plot once her mother and husband start whispering in her ear but she really goes over the edge when her husband is in danger but towards the end she switches sides once again.

The show is really great because all the characters have great growth and there are some awesome plot twists. The chemistry of the actors is great and the show pulls on all the right buttons and heart strings. Give it a shot if you haven't. I definitely give this drama a 9/10.   


One of my favorite OSTs from the show

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I watched half of Mask. I have it on hold for me to continue because I'm watching to many dramas at the moment.
I haven't watched this one. Currently I'm trying to finish up Monster.
I was thinking about watching it but wasn't sure. I'll give it a shot now.
I really like this drama.