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Bobby's Outfit Makes Netizens Uncomfortable?

~Mature-ish content ahead~


On the 22nd, Bobby came to the airport wearing a hoodie, and netizens noticed that the print on his shirt was rather pornographic as it featured a drawing of a girl giving oral sex. The company has other products featuring similar drawings.
The outfit disturbed people who thought someone like Bobby, who is an idol and has underage fans, shouldn't have worn such an outfit.

What do you think?

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I think this is more than just an "adult image. The flash is the eyes, the sweat, the messy mouth--it looks like she was just molested, or at the very least traumatized. It's inappropriate in a sense no one is talking about
4 months agoReply
yeah there's a really dark side to anime :/
4 months ago
It really depends on his contract.
4 months agoReply
only adults would/assume that the picture is inappropriate. for those just passing by it just looks like a weird picture without context.
4 months agoReply
He can wear whatever he wants he's grown, but because of the way that fans act he probably should have left it at home馃槀
4 months agoReply
I personally have no problem with it. Besides people create fanfiction dirtier than this hoodie. XD
4 months agoReply