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~Mature-ish content ahead~


On the 22nd, Bobby came to the airport wearing a hoodie, and netizens noticed that the print on his shirt was rather pornographic as it featured a drawing of a girl giving oral sex. The company has other products featuring similar drawings.
The outfit disturbed people who thought someone like Bobby, who is an idol and has underage fans, shouldn't have worn such an outfit.

What do you think?

to me it kinda seems like she's exhausted or sweating profusely. but I like to see the pure side of things. and I can see why it may be considered inappropriate
I agree with you @Elaynethtrumpet I've watched tons of hentai and regular anime and there are times when they draw a girl who is exhausted from a workout like that. but that's just my innocent mind.....
I know where it's coming from, and though, it doesn't make ME uncomfortable, probably the image IS suggestive. I mean, you need to live under a rock to not know that the drawing is the face of a girl forced to give a blowjob and the guy came all over her.
He might have underage fans but he isn't underage. He's a man, you can't expect him to not know/ like porn. That's unrealistic and ignorant. Let the boy live his life.
And I really like his hair like that. yaaas slay Bobby.
I can see how it would make some people uncomfortable, but tbh the underage kids that they are worried about most likely would not understand anyway. I have seen people wearing worse things at the park or grocery store. It's really not a big deal to me. ...and I agree with @BabydollBre - his hair is freaking amazing!!!
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