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Hello everyone!!

I hope you enjoyed last week's theme, but now it's time for a new theme!! This week we'll be making mood boards with our CNBlue members~

What's a mood board you may ask? Well I'm happy you asked!! (Or didn't, whatever xP)

This is an example of a YugBam mood board created by our lovely @VeronicaArtino~ Thank you again for letting me use this as an example ^-^

(Yes, I know that Yugeom and BamBam are not part of CNBlue, but this is just an example!! cX)

Each of us we'll be making one of these for either a beach theme or a rainy day theme. And possibly, some of us will be making both~

If you feel obligated to make your own after seeing ours, then please go right ahead!! And if you make a CNBlue one and make a card with it then please tag us so that we can see it~

I'm excited to see what the other supports will create for this theme!! I'm also excited to see if any of you make ones yourselves ^-^

Also, look forward to our game(s) that will be put out (possbily;;) for this week's theme~

Oh, and before I forget, another thank you to @VeronicaArtino for even coming up with this theme!! I wouldn't have thought of it myself C:

Code Name: Loners

(CNBlue Mods)

The Outcasts

(The community tag list for CNBLUE. Please don't use this taglist. This taglist is just for the CNBLUE moderators to use! If you want to be removed from the tag list please message me and I'll be sure to remove you~)

*The Dangerous Bitches*

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I am excited!
Me too!!!! 😄😄