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Elo My Sweet Bunnies

if you all haven't noticed by now.
Boss Squad is in the middle of a heated game of Telephone OneShots

Our way of celebrating Boss Day together. Hope you all enjoy it together. @Starbell808 was the lovely one to start us off. The bold word at the end was our babygirl @LiyahBoon code to write her oneshot. As her bold word at the end is mine... I wonder who's going after me ^-~

Previously on Jay Park Birthday Bash Weekend...

(@Starbell808 / Bonnie's)

It was your loving boyfriends birthday and you wanted to have a huge weeked bash. You asked Simon and Gray for some help in planning a few of things you wanted to do.
So on Friday morning you woke up next to Jay staring at you lovingly. Him knowing you had started to plan something for him. He was trying hard to get some details out of you.

"Please babe tell me what is going on."

Sticking his TONGUE at you. All you could do is giggle and shake you head at him. Having started breakfast after getting washed up and out of bed you made one of his favorites pancakes and bacon. He did have to go in to the studio for a bit but not for long. Gray was to thank for getting him out of the house.
Simon came over right after he seen Jay leave. Gladly you knew he was coming and made a bit extra cause you know he would have whined about being hungry. The plan for tonight was kind of a huge party at one of his favorite clubs. With everyone he knew in the music industry.
Meanwhile at the studio Jay was trying hard to get any info he could from anyone there. Gladly they kept their mouth shut. Gray had called him to ask for some help. Later on at the club setting last minute things up. You get a text from Gray saying they are almost there.

Tellin everyone that he was on his way. They got ready to surprise him. Wearing that outfit he had bought and loved on you. He had you glued to his side the whole night. By the end of the night both you & him were a bit tipsy and doing shots. And listening to that little naughty voice in your head and the dare to do body shots.

You end up licking the salt of his ABS

(@LiyahBoon / Liyah's)

After the third or fourth body shot you lean back adoring Jay's now saliva covered chest. You may have gotten a little carrried away. You wipe your mouth with the back of your hand and look up at your boyfriend. "I swear your ABS are the sweetest" you say just barely slurring your words.

For a moment the two of stare at one another before you burst into a fit of giggles.

"Baby girl,you are so cheesy" he says after the fits of laugher die down. He gets up off the table and grabs your hand. "Let's go get some fresh air" he says before pulling you through the crowd of people.
Once outside the two of you stand side by side on the balcony looking out at the sky. Everything seems much more clearer to you now that you aren't surrounded by the loud party music and crowd of bodies. You look to over at Jay, your wonderful boyfriend of many years. He has matured so well you think to yourself. Your eyes sweep over his body, admiring him from his cute and charming face to the nice designer shoes he has on.

You are so lost in your own world that you dont know that you dont notice when Jay turns to look back at you.

"Hey, what are you thinking about? " he ask, his voice pulling you back to reality. You blush at being caught for staring so long but then you step closer to him, looping your arms around his neck. You lean up on your tipytoes placing a quick kiss on his lips before replying

" I was just wondering how I got such an amazing, loving, charming, and oh so SEXY boyfriend"

Jay smiled at you with that SEXY smirk, that always triggered chills to roll down your spine. "I have been thinking the same thing about you babygirl. How did I score such a beauty? You've been by my side since I started all of this too." You couldn't help but giggle, as he looked back into the club.

"How about we get out of here. So I can cherish the best birthday gift I could ever get?"

You blinked at him, as you're fuzzy memory recall all of Jay's birthday gifts he gotten today. He left you curious as to what gift he was talking about. He just took your hand, and guilded you out of the club. You two left without really telling anyone, though you did text Simon that Jay was taking you both home. Jay was even playing smart and called for an uber.

Simon text back that you should make sure to have condoms on hand. You just chuckled, as your dork of handsome boyfriend looked over at your phone. Her snatched it out your hand, gaining your attention. "No phones for the rest of the night. You're mine tonight baby girl." Jay winked at before taking you back into the condo you two shared together.

As you took off your shoes, an arm snaked around your waist, startling you a bit, since you were still under the influence.

"Baby girl, why don't you let me cherish you tonight. May I have a birthday lap DANCE tonight?"

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