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I am 100% not saying this is true. The point of this card is to point out the absolutely nutty rumors that netizens come up with and to remind us to not believe what we read on the internet or to not get too deep into conspiracy theories.

True or not, there is no reason for us to ask this question, to pry so deeply into his life. This would not affect his talent, his work, and his pure charm!

So now that that's done, here's the rumor that some netizens decided to start:

Yes, he’s cute, we’re all aware. Yet if you look closely, you can see breast tissue. It almost looks like it’s being pressed down as though he’s wearing a binder. For reference, check out this pic of a woman in a binder from multiple angles. It certainly does bear a resemblance, right?
On the left is a predebut picture of Jimin in which his jaw is stronger compared to the first picture. Not only is his jaw more defined but his features have taken on a more “masculine” appearance in general. On the right is a picture that appears to be from Boy In Luv era. It’s more than likely no more than three years after the picture on the left. Notice the change in the jawline and the broadening of the shoulders. Was Jimin just an extremely late bloomer? Which brings us to the next point.
If one goes back to his predebut pictures, which is primarily what this posts consists of, you’ll notice that he wears a lot of baggy clothing. We speculate that these were possibly used as a method of hiding his secondary sex characteristics i.e. breasts. 
It is a fact that women cannot gain the same muscles men can without some kind of steroids or testosterone. At the same time, though, men can’t gain the same muscles women can: lower body muscles. Yet Jimin is highly talked of for his thighs and glutes.
Though an Adam’s apple isn’t a male only trait, a lot of people seem to think it is. To satisfy those people, here are pictures of Jimin’s lack of an Adam’s apple, or one where it’s slightly noticeable but just barely.


He’s the third youngest but his dongsaengs have never called him hyung. The members baby him intensely even though he’s not the maknae. Jimin’s mentioned his parents attitudes towards things: they’re somewhat lax and very supportive. 
Here's the full forum discussing it: link

Like, this is SUCH an invasion of privacy (in the forum they are posting pics of his crotch as proof) and its just sick. Why does it MATTER!?

/end rant/


FIRST OF ALL as a jimin Stan I feel mad and offended at this clearly false accusation But I guess if your life is filled with nothing to do all day but start false rumors and hurt people, then I guess that...that's still not an excuse.
i feel the same
even if jimin was a trans thats not gonna change how any armys see him we're going to keep supporting him
Damn, why they got be so deep into Jimin's business? It feels a bit too invasive into Jimin's life and privacy. Even if this shit was remotely true, I wouldn't give a fuck about his gender, he's still Jimin to me no matter what. If he's happy, then I'm happy.
but have they ever heard of puberty?
wow that reach though, netizens have way too much time on their hands for bullish*t
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