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Genre: Angst
Pairing: Reader x ???
Length: 2807 words
Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol
Summary: Why did I fall in love with someone who never spoke to me?

Part 7

Y/N’s Pov:

 You woke up and it was late morning. I can't believe this. Was it a dream? Was it a nightmare? You felt your cheek and it hurt like hell, it definitely wasn't a dream.

 Your phone kept buzzing with calls and texts, so I took it off charge and turned it off. I didn’t want to speak to any of the boys.

 I decided to ignore all of their messages, except Chen. I knew him, and if I didn’t reply soon, he would show up- and it’s harder to ignore someone who’s physically there in person, than ignoring them by text.

 He didn’t reply to that. But I didn’t think I would find him at my door 5 minutes later, incessantly knocking for me to let him in. All my lights were off as I sat in the dark. Maybe he’ll think I’m not in here and go away. But no such luck.

“Y/n”, his deep voice resonated with warning through the door. “I know you’re in there. Don’t make me use the spare key.”Fuck’s sake. The damn spare key.

 In case of emergency I gave Ken, Chen and my mother a spare key to my house. I got up slowly, turning the light on. I passed by a mirror on the way to the door, and had to do a double take. I must have been crying in my sleep too, judging by the trail of dried tears streaked on red and puffy face.

 I unlocked the door and slowly opened it, not allowing Chen access. “What do you want?” My voice came out as a whisper, probably because I hadn’t spoken in hours. Just cried.
“Y/n-ah”, he spoke gently, even though I could tell he was upset. “I want to talk.”

“Yeah?” I spoke a little louder this time, clearing my throat. “Well I don’t.” I proceeded to shut the door in his face, but he wedged his foot in between the doorway, so it wouldn’t budge.

"I’m not going until you talk to me.” Something about the tone of his voice made me shiver as I tutted in defeat and let go of the door, so he could come in.

“Chen. You can clearly see I’m not in the mood to talk”, I stated, as I shut the door behind him. He acted like I hadn’t even spoken as he threw himself onto the couch, sprawled out like he always did.

“Which is exactly why I came.” He replied. I sat down next to him. Not wanting to hug him like I usually do. But as mad as was, Chen and I both knew I wouldn’t stay mad at him for long.

“What do I do?” You asked.

“Well he left late last night, I thought he would be here trying to explain things to you but…” he trailed off. “I don't think he went to his ex’s because I drove by her house and his car wasn't there either.”

 That part made you feel a little bit better, but you were still hurt. The one time you let someone in and they fucked you over, not to mention hit you. You couldn't blame him for that though, you had walked into.

“This is why I hate dating…” you held your knees, you didn't want to cry, you had done enough of that last night.

“I know someone who could help with that.” Ken said walking through the door.

“What are you doing here?” You asked even though you knew why.

“I feel bad y/n.” He said sitting next to you.

“Why? It wasn't your was mine, I wasn't ready to open up to people and I pushed myself.” You wanted to reassure him and Chen. It wasn't their fault you got your heart broken.

“But it is…” you looked at them confused. “We had pushed you to get to know people y/n, and we're sorry.”

 You had to hug them, you'd feel bad if you didn't. They obviously blamed themselves more than you blame yourself. It made you feel better knowing you had them there with you. You weren't completely alone.

“So what were you saying when you came in?” Chen said pulling away.

“Oh, Leo went out back last night and lost his shit.” Ken said putting his arm over your shoulder.

“I would too, Chanyeol’s a bastard for what he tried to pull.” Chen said getting up and going to your fridge.

“No he’s not pissed at Chanyeol. Ok well he is, but he's pissed at himself too.” Ken corrected himself.

“Himself?” Ken nodded. “Why he didn't do anything wrong?”

“He said he regrets not telling you sooner. He didn't want to hurt you, but he needed you to know…” Ken said adjusting himself so he could face you. “He had known earlier yesterday, I bumped into him at the mall, around the time I told you I took a call from Ravi.”

“He knew then?” Chen asked, and Ken nodded. “Why didn't he tell you then?”

“Because he was scared, we had spent the whole day helping y/n out and he didn't want it to seem like he didn't care. When deep down he was breaking.”

“Where is he now?” You asked feeling bad. Half the calls and messages you were ignoring were his.

“Probably still at home, I told him I'd come check up on you.” Ken said as you stood up. “Why?”

“He shouldn't feel bad, it wasn't his fault.” You felt awful for not responding and you wanted to cry again.

“I told him that already y/n.” Ken said standing up and grabbing your shoulders. “He's blaming himself for a different reason y/n. Give him time.”

“Do you know the other reason?” He nodded. “Can you tell me it?” He shook his head. “Well shit!” You said flopping onto the couch. Ken following along with Chen who had made himself an ice coffee.

“We’ll help you get you through this y/n.” Chen said placing his drink on the coffee table.

“Haven't you helped enough?” You said sarcastically.

“Nope!” “Nah you're stuck with us.” They said pulling you into another hug.

Leo’s Pov:

 He waited till Ken left so he could leave too. He needed to clear his head, but every time he closed his eyes all he could see was y/n crying. The look on her face when she saw you angry. That isn't what he wanted her to see, not him that way, he didn't want to hurt her.

 He drove around for a while and ended up stopping at the café. He walked in and anger grew in him at who he saw. At the table where y/n always sits, Chanyeol. Leo smirked, if she's ignoring him she has to be ignoring Chanyeol too.

 He ordered his drink and sat right across from Chanyeol. He had no facial expression he just sat there. Chanyeol looked up and his eyes narrowed.

“What the hell are you doing here?” He sneered.

“The same reason you are, to clear my head.” Leo said calmly. He knew if he started something here he would regret it.

“Clear your head someplace else! I don't want your bullshit right now.” He said leaning back in his chair.

“What? Pretty boy mad he's finally getting what he deserves?” Chanyeol looked up and glared at him. “You're just mad she has people who care about her that will tell her the truth.”

“You just told her what you wanted her to hear!” He said leaning forward. He was getting mad.

“What do you mean? I saw that fucking picture and so did you!” Leo snapped back.

“You have a thing for her, don't act stupid.” Leo’s eyes widened. “You have feelings for her and your punk ass is too scared to tell her!”

“So?” Chanyeol looked confused. “So what if I want to wait, so what if I'm scared to love her? At least I can say I only want her.”

 Chanyeol was silent. Leo had hit him, hard, he was done and got up and left. Leo sat there and thought to himself. What Chanyeol had said was right. He is too scared to tell her how he feels, he's too scared that she'll reject him, or that she'll bring up the fuck up he already did.

 He sat there for a while thinking. There's no way I can tell her how I feel now….he fucked it up this time. His head shot up when he heard the door open. What he saw was breathtaking.

 He saw y/n walk in with Ken and Chen behind her. He was stunned, but had been wrong. When he stood up and walked towards her, but as he did she faded.

“But…” he felt sad and distracted. She was just here. He grabbed his things and left. He only had y/n on his mind and now it's tearing him apart. Why did I fall in love with someone I never spoke to…? Now she may never speak to me.

Y/N’s Pov:

“I better go, we need to come up with something for what happened to Leo.” Ken said getting up from the couch.

“Is he ok? His lip was pretty bad yesterday.” You asked concern.

“He's fine but we have a performance next week. We're not sure if it'll all heal by then so we need to come up with something.” You felt bad, they fought because of me.

“Chanyeol's not as bad, we can fix his black eye with makeup.” Chen said rinsing his cup in the sink.

“I'll call you guys tonight.” Ken said as you walked him out. He had put his hands on your shoulders. “I'll come by tonight if you want, we can have a sleepover like we used to?”

 You shook your head. “That'd be nice but I'm gonna work a little tonight. I didn't show up today so might as well catch up online.”

 He nodded and left. I knew he felt bad, but what could I do, I already forgave him.

“Wanna come over?” You looked over at Chen he was holding a pair of your jeans and an old he hoodie he bought for you when he first debuted.

“Didn't you hear me tell Ken. I wanna work.” You said grabbing your things.

“Work. Shmerk. I'm asking you to hang out now. The guys said he's still not back and know you. As soon as I leave you'll lock yourself in that room and cry more.” You knew he was right and he knew too.

“What if he comes home and I'm there?” You weren't sure if you were ready to see him.

“I'll hide you, now go get dressed.” You smiled and went to your room to get dressed. You did light makeup so you didn't look dead.

 He drove you there and you were fine. The guys were on your side. Once there they all hugged you. They're really aren't bad, neither is Chanyeol he's just bad at making decisions.

 While there you talked with the guys. They had put on a drama and you all chilled. Lay was in his and Chen's room and Sehun was in his. The rest were out in the living room with you. When someone was banging on the door.

“Guys open the door I forgot my key!” Your heart dropped. Chanyeol?

“Come on!” Chen said grabbing your arm and dragging you to his room. “Stay here with lay” he turned to lay. “He knocks to come in hide her!” He nodded and Chen left. You sat on Chen's bed and lay stood up and stood in front of you.

“You ok?” He spoke quietly. You nodded, out of all of Exo you saw Lay more due to him always being with Chen. “I know it's hard.” He put a hand on your shoulder and moved in, kneeling down to match your height. You could feel your body heat up as the space between you two got smaller. “He didn't deserve you.” He moved so close. “I'll treat you better y/n...I won't hurt you like he did.” His lips were close enough that you could feel his breath on your lips. “I really think I might-”

“Lay!” Chanyeol screamed banging on the door. Lay had ripped the sheets of the bed and motioned for you to lay in it. You laid there and he moved in with you so you were at the edge farthest from the wall. He threw the blanket back over you and held you close as the door flew open.

“What's up man?” Lay said making his voice sound raspy.

“Were you napping?” Lay must have nodded because I didn't hear him as Chanyeol continued. “Dude I stopped by her house, she's not there!”

“Who Lisa?” So that's his ex’s name. As Lay spoke and held you tighter.

“No not Lisa!” He raised his voice. “Y/n! I went by the café and bumped into Leo and-”

“What?” You said then covered your mouth. The blanket was yanked off you and you screamed.

“What the hell is she doing here?!” He yelled as you jumped out of the bed trying to run to the door he grabbed your arm. “Ahhh!”

“You bitch why are you here?!” Your eyes teared up as you tried to escape his grasp.

 Chanyeol looked at you more mad than sad like before. You had been caught off guard when Lay had tackle Chanyeol and he let go.

“She came with Chen and didn't know you'd be looking for her! Calm the fuck down!” Chanyeol had looked back at you and you could see the change in his face. “I'm gonna let go now. Don't blame her.”

 He stood up slowly standing between you Lay. You looked past him to see Lay, when Lay’s face turned from concern to anger. He grabbed Chanyeol's shoulder and yanked him around and punch him in the jaw. You screamed.

“That's for going after her after I told you I liked her!” He what?


“After Chen said we could meet you again I told him I was happy I could see you!” Lay pointed to Chanyeol on the floor. “And when he walked you home I didn't think anything of it. I knew he was still with Lisa, I didn't think he would ask you out.”

 You looked the boys in the room. What the hell is happening? I don't ever do the things I've been doing.

“I need to go.” You unlocked the door and left the room. Everyone was watching you, tears falling you ran out of the house. You ran and ran till you hit someone. The impact made you fall, hitting the ground busting your lip open.

“Y/n?” It was Ravi. “Omg! Are you ok?” He helped you up, still crying he took his coat off and put it on you. “What the hell happened to you?”

“A lot.” His face looked concerning.

“Here my cars this way” you got in with his help. Your cry was silent you didn't want to distract him but you couldn't stop. “Here” he opened your door and helped you out.

 You were at Vixx’s house. Ravi didn't know where you lived, it's nice he brought you here. He walked you in and sat you on the couch. You felt weak and hurt, your legs were sore. No one seemed to be home till Ken's room door opened.  

“Y/n!” Ken said running toward you. After saying your name Leo had come running out of the same room. “What happened?”

 Leo looked at you more concerned than ever. You didn't know who you were anymore. You kissed a boy this week and he wasn't the one you wanted the most. The one you wanted the most never talked to you, and when he did he lied about doing it. The one you thought just didn't like you but was always there when you needed him.

“Leo?” His eyes widened and he kneeled down to your level, giving you his full attention. You pulled him into a hug. The first few seconds he didn't do anything but after he realized what happening held you ever so tightly. “You were right…”

 He pulled away, you saw the tears in his eyes forming. You couldn't kiss him, you wanted to, but were scared. You still didn't know about Leo, but you knew you needed him. The real question is does he need me?

“I wanna go home…” you cried as he hugged you again.