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Preview is out everyone!!! hee please shareee with all AGD fans (just click the f/t button) Follow me at if you want the bestest fastest previews or drop me a msg if you think i should cover some other dramas! ==================================== To watch the preview, click on this link Eng Subs here Tae San: What if... Do Jin: I think I might be getting a relapse. Tae San: You'd better go to the hospital immediately Do Jin: What are you doing? Yoon: I'm beginning to enjoy cooking Do Jin (after eating): I think you should stop. Yoon: But I already started... Jung Rok: If you ask me what my sin is, it would be meeting her, falling in love with her, but leaving her alone every night. Dong Hyub: Is this yours? Do you have money? [KICK] Do Jin: ... Aren't I handsome? ... Yi Soo: ... Yes Do Jin: Why don't you leave reason at the door and go with your instincts, or just follow me Me Ah Ri: Happy Birthday. Tae San: Dont you think it's too late? Me Ah Ri: I am here because I like Yoon oppa. Tae San: Shut Up. Yoon: Let go of her.