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Wassup guys!!!!! Kim's here bringing you a little birthday treat. Since it's the heathen's birthday, why not drop a chapter on his birthday!!!! So here you guys go for chapter 13!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAY!!!!! ENJOY YOUR DIRTY 30!!!!!!
I kinda had did a filler chapter for this. Pleze don't kill me!!!!!
You put your head against the door after you closed it. Stupid!!!! How can you fall for his charm again????? How is it that he's hooking you again??? Do you wanna get hurt again???? Why are you having these feelings again?? You buried those long time ago and you let him go. So what if you have a soft spot for him and you care for him!!! Follow your own advise, YOU DON'T DATE YOUR CLIENTS!!!!

Saturday came way too quickly for your liking. You rolled over to turn off your alarm and got up to get dressed. As you were getting ready to leave, your phone goes off and it was a Tex from your boss. Again, you're leaving me alone with him again?????? You sigh and you made a mental note to figure out why you keep ending up by yourself with Jay. You grabbed your keys and headed out to the address of the studio.

You had a odd feeling come over you as you drove. You couldn't help but notice how familiar everything looked. You tried to shake off that feeling, but I would not go away. You hated feeling uneasy in a new environment. As you pulled up, it then hit you. Out of all the places in the world, it had to be this place!!!! I hope he knows that my mood is sour because of this!!!!!

You hear your phone go off, as Jay was calling to see where you were at. I'm at the studio, where the hell are you? It's way past the time that we were supposed to meet. It's damn near 12 pm!!!!!! "I'm at the studio downtown. Didn't you get the new address???" What new address??? Nobody sent me shit!!!!!! Send me the new one and I'll be on my way!!!!

You get in your car waiting for the new address to come through so you could put it in your GPS. You were fuming at this point. Those bastards didn't have the audacity to tell me that the location changed!!!!! That's alright!!! Once I get there he got another thing coming. You flew to the new location, praying that you wouldn't get a ticket for speeding.

Once you arrived, you notice a smiling Jay standing outside. You gave him an evil eye and punched him in the arm. Why didn't you tell me that the location had changed??? And out of all the location, it would have been that studio??? You must want to stay on my bad side, huh. "Never that, baby girl. I thought that you got the new email with the change and time of the location," he stated. The time changed too??!???!!!!! I swear you men........ You stormed past him as you went inside, but quickly realized that you had no idea where you were heading. "It's down in the basement, princess. I'll show you,"said Jay as he held open the door for you. You shook your head and followed him downstairs.

Jay lead you to the producer's room and introduced you to his entire team. You greeted each one and looked over at Jay, waiting for him to get started. Jay then gave a small speech on what he wanted to do and when he wanted to go. Afterwards, he then hops inside the booth and started to sing a sample song. You were blown away on his vocals of the song. Despite the fact that you were pissed at him, it instantly went away and you were bobbing your head to the melody as you took notes. One of the producers then clicked through and suggested that he do a little rap just for fun. You listened intently as you took notes.

You couldn't help but notice that you felt as if his eyes were staring at you. You looked up and you both locked eye with each other. You quickly looked back to your notes as you felt some butterflies in your stomach. You glanced at your phone and realized that it was past midnight. You had heard enough for the night and started to gather your things. Jay then stepped out the booth and walked over to you. "You're getting ready to leave?" he asked. Yeah. I think I have everything that I need. You have a great team behind you and I think that the head honcho will want to work with them as well. I do need to get home and write up a report and plan on which direction we're gonna head. We will definitely let you know what the next steps are. You said goodbye to everyone and headed out to your car.

"You really thought that you was gonna walk out by yourself huh," Jay said from behind you. Startled, you turned around and looked at him, square in the eyes. I'm a big girl, I can handle myself. "But I wouldn't be a gentleman if I didn't walk you to your car," he insisted. Fine. The walk to your car was an odd silence. You wasn't sure what his motives were. You wanted to ask him about the day that you were sick, bit decided against it. You were so lost in your thoughts that you didn't see your car and walked right into it. Jay stifled a laugh while he asked if you were ok. You glanced at him and started laughing yourself.

Both of you were doubled over until Jay's hand rested on top of yours. You looked over at it while you felt a surge of electricity flow through your body. You quickly withdrew your hand and started to fumble with your keys. "Here, let me get that for you," Jay said as he took your keys from your hand. Thanks, but I got it. You took the keys out of his hand and unlocked your door. You climbed in and before you had a chance to close the door, Jay stopped you. "I know you felt it to. Please don't deny it, don't deny us. Give it, us a chance again." I have to go. Jay sighed and closed your door and watched you drive off, wishing he had a chance to say how he felt.
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