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Hello everyone! Last week was a free week and I wanted to do something a bit special since most if not all heard that the leader is getting married. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Here you go~ Not my best, but I hope you like It!
Nervously, you await behind the closed doors hearing the beautiful music playing while you take a deep breathe looking at the Man who would soon take you down the aisle to your soon to be husband. “No need to be nervous Y/N”, Junjin said with a smile. You nodded with a smile in return agreeing.
Junjin was a father figure in your life. Shinhwa in general was a part of your life through the ups and down, but one man among them you had fallen deeply in love with was behind the door waiting for you at the end. “Ready?” Junjin asked while you smiled a brighter “Ready!” you said. The music changed suddenly. Junjin held out his arm ready for you to take it. Snaking your arm through his you stood ready and relaxed. The door before both of you had opened before people turned watching you both smiling while both of you walked up steps to the top. Junjin smiled taking his place with the best men. The one person who was in the most awestruck stood opposite of you holding a proud smile on his lips. You both took steps closer taking your vows before slipping the rings on each other’s hands.
“Eric, Y/N. I now pronounce you husband and wife” The priest had announced. Eric pulled you against him gently. Both of you exchanging I love you’d before he kissed you. “I promised that the place we meet would be the place we get married at” Eric whispered after the kiss.

“At the time the Sakura trees are most vibrant” You said looking into his eyes before the music started and you dance together.

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Yayyy!! Thank you~