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Bang PDnim reveals why Jungkook almost didn't debut with BTS. :o

As we all know Jungkook was a very shy person predebut. Spending time with the other memebers really helped him branch out. ♡ He has really changed so much and we are all incredibly proud of him!! I couldn't picture Bangtan without him. ♡ We love you Kookie!



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yea I read that and knew it was because he was shy. just glade that he is who we love to this day, our baby bunny kookie who is a dork. I also read that BTS may have a subunit. depends on what the group wants. Bang Si-Hyuk really cares for those boys as if their were his own.
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Same 🤓
Jungkook has grown so much since his trainee days and we are all proud of that cute guy!!!!
Oh no we love our kookie very much I can't picture BTS without him either I'm so glad he opened up im pretty sure Rapmon helped him with that and if I'm wrong I apologize lol. We love you lots Kookie ❤️❤️❤️ saranghae
I remember finding this arricle on facebook and it was really interesting to know Bang Si-Hyuk's opinion on Jungkook. Glad he cares about them so much though😁