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Mi Sun watched as Ji Su as she sent yet another text. Mi Sun was curious on who her best friend was texting and forgetting that Mi Sun was even there. Ji Su smiled and giggled making Mi Sun even more curious on who was making Ji Su happy. Mi Sun reached over to take Ji Su’s phone, but failed as Ji Su was quicker.
“Who are you texting?” Mi Sun demanded.
“Why? Curious?” Ji Su asked taking a bit of her ice cream.
“Is it the one night stand guy?” Mi Sun leaned towards Ji Su, eyes wide and filled with curiosity.
“Umm...I don’t know if I should say yes or no. Either way you are going to freak out with excitement or disappointment.” Ji Su just smiled watching her best friend go from smiling to pouting.
“Just tell me yes or no and I promise not to freak out no matter what the answer is about.” Mi Sun sighed throwing her hands in the air giving up.
“The person that I am talking to is a guy. That is all the information that I am giving you.”
“Fine with me. Will I get to meet him?”
“I will let you know, but as of right now no.” Ji Su crossed her arms and stared at Mi Sun who was pursing her lips and glaring at Ji Su. Ji Su didn’t know if there would be a day that she would tell Mi Sun that her and Jungkook were more than what they are now. Ji Su was slowly excepting the feelings she had for him. The butterflies in her stomach or her stomach doing flips when she was thinking about him or that he was near her. She started to feel more like herself way before Jae and her grandmother’s death. She wasn’t the only one knew or saw. Mi Sun noticed a change in Ji Su and was happy to see Ji Su back to old self.
“Alight I guess I can live with that. However, I will meet him one day and I will give you my approval if I like him or not.” Mi Sun pointed a finger at Ji Su, causing them both to laugh.
“Alright mom.” Ji Su said sarcastically while laughing. When they both settled to catch their breath, Ji Su asked Mi Sun how Jin and her were doing.
“We're fine I guess, still walking on eggshells. I want him to tell the boys about him moving out, and about our engagement, but I know how he is when it comes to those boys.” Mi Sun shared picking at her ice cream.
“He’ll tell them when the right time comes. Have you both found a place?”
“Yeah, we did, it’s only a block away from the shop. Cheaper than the apartment complex we live in now.”
“How much longer until I’ll be on my own in your apartment?” Ji Su asked coming to realization that once Mi Sun leaves, Ji Su would have to find a place of her own.
“You won't have to leave until you are ready to. I already paid for another year worth of rent. The landlord already knows that I am leaving, but you are staying.”
“Are you saying that you paid my rent for a whole year?” Ji Su asked confused and happy at the same time.
“You got that right.” Mi Sun beamed a bright smiled at Ji Su.
“What do you want in return?” Ji Su asked catching the fact that Mi Sun wanted something in return.
“I am happy that I have a smart best friend like you.” Mi Su still smiling refusing to answer Ji Su.
“Just tell me Mi Sun. What is it that you want.”
“I want you to design my wedding dress and Jin’s suit. I know that you are already working on a men’s line and you asked for their help. However, the suit you are making for Jin, can it be the one he’ll wear on the day of the wedding?” Mi Sun asked in hopes that Ji Su would say yes.
“Have you guys figured when the wedding will be?” Ji Su asked avoiding what Mi Sun asked her.
“Sadly no, hopefully soon. His mother has been patient, but I know she is just as jumpy as I am.”
“When you know that date let me know. Also, we need to sit down and go over what you want your dress to look like.” Mi Sun squealed and jumped from her seat to run over to Ji Su. The both giggled and talked more about what Mi Sun wanted for her wedding and what she was looking forward when that day came.
When the ice cream was all gone the two of them walked along the shops, stopping here and there looking at the different booths that were set up. There were some street performances that they stopped to watch. Ji Su and Mi Sun decided that it was late and that they should head back home. The laughed realizing they were no longer high school or college students who could stay up all night like they use too.
“I am going straight for my bed.” Mi Sun yawned while they were riding the lift to their floor.
“I need to finish a little on one of the suits before I head for bed.” Ji Su groaned remembering that the Summer show was a month away.
“You should rest or maybe call that one night stand guy. Maybe he could help you relax so you can sleep.” Mi Sun told her when the lift doors opened. When they walked out, they ran into Jungkook who was standing there waiting. He looked up to see the two girls exiting out of the lift. He walked up to Ji Su and pulled her back into the lift.
“Sorry Noona, but I need to speak with Ji Su.” He said to Mi Sun when the doors closed. Ji Su caught Mi Sun’s confused tried face. Sighing, Ji Su knew that she would have to explain why Jungkook needed to speak with her. Jungkook pressed the last floor that lead up to the roof. He said nothing and refused to look at Ji Su, who was looking at him with a questionable look.
When they arrived on the last floor, both walked up the stairs to the roof. The wind blew making Ji Su shiver, and she could smell rain in the distance. Looking at him again his back was towards her. Something was wrong and Ji Su wanted to know why he was giving her the cold shoulder. Finally, he turned to face her, his jaw was tight and his doe eyes were a distance away that didn’t reach the man that she knew. Deep down Ji Su knew that what they had over the past three months wasn’t going to last.
“So, what is it that you want to speak with me about?” She asked anxious watching him clench his fist and then unclench them while looking away.
“Is it true?” He finally spoke, still looking away from her.
“True about what?” Confused on what he was talking about.
“Don’t play dumb with me and just tell me. Is it true?”
“I don’t know what you are trying to get at Jungkook. Just tell me and I’ll tell you if it’s the truth or not.” Ji Su took a step towards him reaching out to touch him. He took a step away from her, making her heart crack.
“Do you see me as a kid and that can’t raise a kid? Are you going to abort the baby?” He finally looked and told her voice filled with a hint of anger and his eyes pricing right through her.
“What baby?” She asked confused.
“Are you with child or did you abort it without telling me?” He glared at her.
“I’m not pregnant if you’re asking me. If I was I would tell you and ask you what you want to do.” She told him taking another step towards only for him to take another back. Another crack.
“Are you saying that if you become pregnant you would ask me if I want the baby or not?”
“Jungkook you are still young and I wouldn’t want to tie you down if I become pregnant. You have your whole life a head of you, while I am at the point I need to settle down before it’s too late.”
“So, you do think I am a kid.”
“Damnit Jungkook what are you trying to get at? Are you asking me if I am pregnant? Well I’m not. Do I see you as a kid? Yes and no. Yes, because you can go and make something of yourself without me. No, because I know that you are old enough to show that you are not a kid.” Ji Su explained herself hoping this would answer Jungkook’s question.
Jungkook throw his head back chuckling as if Ji Su wasn’t getting what he was trying to tell her. Looking back at her, more of a glare, making Ji Su even more confused and scared.
“I don’t think we can do this anymore.” He told her.
“Can’t do what?” She asked blinking the tears, that were forming, away. She put her right hand on her chest as she felt as if her heart was being ripped out.
“Whatever the agreement that we agreed on. If you see me as a kid then I can’t do whatever our relationship is called.” He waved his hands in the air as he spoke, breaking her heart even more.
“I just told you that I don’t see you as a kid. I see you as a young man that has his whole life ahead of him.” She refreshed what she said before, swallowing the lump that was forming in her throat. “
That fact that you already see what we have wouldn’t go anywhere is telling me that you see me as a kid.”
“Gods be damned Jungkook. Who knows what will happen with us. If we go into having a real normal relationship then we will have that. If you want to go off on your own without me then that will happen. If I become pregnant then we can work things out.” Ji Su was trying to explain herself to Jungkook, growing pissed in hoped that he was listening.
“It doesn’t matter now. Were done.” With that said Jungkook walked past her without a glance towards her. Ji Su turned as the rain came pouring down, and went after him only to lose him as he was much faster than she was.
Walking back to her apartment, soaked, Ji Su held in her tears. When she walked in it was as if the water gates over flowed, she could no longer hold in her tears. Mi Sun was in the living room when she heard Ji Su’s sobs. She got up and ran to Ji Su helping her to the couch. Mi Sun went and gabbed towels bring them to Ji Su to dry off. She helped Ji Su change into dry clothes and Mi Sun held Ji Su while she cried. The last time that Ji Su sobbed like that was when her grandmother died and just like now, Mi Sun held her and let her cry. When Ji Su couldn’t cry any more tears, Mi Sun held her hand, and waited patiently until Ji Su was ready to talk. “
Jungkook is the guy I met three months ago, and we, well use to, meet without anyone knowing.” Ji Su spoke refusing to look at Mi Sun.
“So, he is that man that brought back the old Ji Su only to make her cry.” Mi Sun said squeezing Ji Su’s hand.
“Why were you keeping this a secret? If you told me I would have understood.”
“I didn’t want to cause a rift between your relationship with Jin and the guys. Jungkook wasn’t ready to tell them that he wasn’t a kid anymore. Well that was the reason he told when we agreed to keep whatever we had a secret.” Another wave of tears was threating to spill. “Mi Sun?”
“Hum?” Mi Sun rubbed Ji Su’s hand seeing that she was about to cry once again.
“Why does it hurt so much? I didn’t feel this with Jae, but with Jungkook I feel as if my heart was ripped out.” Tears were streaming down her face.
“You didn’t truly love Jae after being with him for five years. With Jungkook you truly feel something for him. He made you feel something with the time you spent together.” Mi Sun explained holding Ji Su once again while she sobbed. Seeing Ji Su heartbroken made Mi Sun’s heart break with her.
When Ji Su fell asleep on the couch, Mi Sun covered her with a blanket before she called Jin. He answered groggy, she mentally yelled at herself for waking him up.
“Is everything ok?” He asked through the phone.
“I’m ok, just worried about Ji Su.” She told him slipping into her room so she wouldn’t wake Ji Su.
“Why what happened?” She heard him move, knowing he was sitting up in his bed.
“Did you know that Jungkook was seeing someone?” She asked before spilling the beans about Ji Su and Jungkook.
“I had a feeling when he received a letter about something about a baby. I saw Ji Su’s name and when I was trying to talk to him about it, he stormed off before I could ask.” Jin shared with her. Closing her eyes and running a hand through her hair. “Do you know anything about it?” Jin asked while yawning.
“Yeah, Ji Su and I ran into Jungkook when we were coming back home. He took Ji Su and they both disappeared. Ji Su came back crying. I am trying to hold it in before walking over to beat the shit out him.” Mi Sun clenched her fist in her hair as the anger was building up. “Ji Su just told me that they have been seeing each other for three months.”
“I had a feeling watching them sneaking glances when we were all together, also, babe don’t hurt him. I’m sure what he did, he didn’t want to hurt her.” Jin told her. The anger built within Mi Sun slowly disappeared when she came up with an idea.
“Honey I have an idea.”
“An idea that would go downhill?” He teased her.
“Oppa not all my ideas have failed.” Mi Sun whined.
“I know. I’m just teasing you. So, what is this idea of yours?”
“How about you and the six boys, join Ji Su and I for a weekend in Busan. I’ll rent out the cabins and you bring your cooking skills. Maybe this trip can clear the bad air between those two. Also, maybe if you want, you can tell the boys about the engagement and you moving out.” She told him the idea and her thoughts about him telling the boys. He was silent and she grew worried that he was mad that she was pushing him or that he fell asleep.
“Let me sleep on it.” He told yawning again.
“Mi Sun?”
“I love you know, that right?”
“I know, and I love you too.”
After a few days past, Ji Su was being forced to go on this trip for Mi Sun’s sake. Thursday morning before they all left, Mi Sun walked into Ji Su’s room and made her pack. Ji Su was refusing to go, but she caved with the endless of pouting, pleading, and begging from Mi Sun did to make her go. Now she was in Namjoon’s SUV, sitting in the back row with Yoongi. The middle row had Taehyung, Jungkook, and Jimin. Namjoon was driving and Hoseok was in front with him.
Yoongi was asleep before they hit the road. Ji Su looked out her window, glancing at Jungkook only to make her heart break even more. She quickly looked away when her caught her looking at him. From the corner of his eye he watched as a tear slid down on her face.
He hurt her when he swore that he would never hurt her. Honestly, he had no idea why he told her that it was over between them. He wished he could take back want he said while he watched her silently cry. His pride however, held him back from the urge to hold her and beg her to forgive him. Jungkook looked away when Jimin grabbed his attention. Jimin was freaking out since his girlfriend was coming down with them, but was to arrive later that night. Jimin planned to have her met his parents. While Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook talked about what Jimin should do, Jungkook looked back to see that Ji Su was asleep. Shortly later, Jungkook felt his eye lids grow heavy as he leaned his head back falling asleep.
Hours on the road went quick and soon all them arrived. Everyone, except Jin and Mi Sun, stayed in the cars. Jin and Mi Sun came back with keys to four cabins. Mi Sun announced who was staying with who. Jin and Yoongi in cabin #4. Namjoon and Hoseok in cabin #5. The younger three where in cabin #7 and the girls were in cabin #6.
When everyone had their keys they all started to unload. Ji Su stayed in the car until Jungkook was no longer in sight let alone near her. When he was nowhere to be seen, she got out to grabbed her bag only to run into Jungkook who was grabbing his bag. The close distance between them was like a magnet pulling them closer together. However, the both resisted the urge, pretending that the other one wasn’t even there. Jungkook grabbed his bag and walked away.
Ji Su grabbed her bag and watched as he retreated. Her heart broke into another million pieces. Taking deep breath, she walked down the path leading the cabin she would be sharing with Mi Sun. Entering, Ji Su was speechless seeing the main room which was huge with a seating room on one side and the other side had a tv. Ji Su walked over to her room to see that it was bigger than the one back in Seoul. Closing the door behind her, Ji Su put her bag on the seat that was at the foot of the bed. Sitting on the bed she let her thoughts consume her to the point she eventually fell asleep with the rain hitting the windows.

I know i am evil and this chapter was heartbreaking. However, some good will come out of this in the next chaper. Also, after chapter 10 i will be posting a playlist for you guys. This will give you an idea on what songs i listen to while writing.
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