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Let's play a game!

Answer these questions in the comments:

1. What are you watching right now (or what did you just finish?)

2. What's your favorite anime of all time?

See if you match anyone!

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classroom assassins
9 months agoReply
I'ma bleach lover
9 months agoReply
second favorite sword on online
9 months agoReply
1. Death Note 2. Hunter x Hunter 2011 (duh)
9 months agoReply
I'm currently watching The Fruit of Grisaia & Absolute Duo. [Enjoying both!] My favorite anime?! It's too hard to choose just one!! so my top animes are: Fairy Tail, Maid-Sama, Blue Exorcist, Monster Musume, Sekirei, SAO, Boku no Hero Academia, and many more xD [I know I have alot of faves *flails* don't judge me]
6 months agoReply