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Noona talked to her “friend”. He swore that he still wasn't breathing when they left him. He mentioned just letting the guy tumble down the stairs. That it wasn't his problem if the guy was still alive because they weren't the ones that killed him or attempted to. She hung up furious that she may have made a mistake. She went over it in her mind again and again. She came to a conclusion that the manager had played her, maybe even paid them to keep quiet about it.

She curled up on her couch. The guard had skipped town. Nowhere to be found. He must've been paid to leave or he really was scared of what might happen if anyone found out he was involved.

Someone was at the door trying like hell to get in. She jumped up and grabbed a pan from the stove. She raised it over her head, ready to smash whoever it was trying to break in. The door burst open, all she saw was her love fly past her and head straight to the bathroom. Her little dark god came walking in slowly. He leaned against the bathroom door, watching his maknae scrubbing his face for the 100th time.

“What happen?” Noona asked.

Her little dark god only smiled, “He'll be okay.” He said and headed for the door. He pulled her behind him. He stopped and looked at her, quickly he brushed his hand along her jaw, his thumb lightly tracing over her lips, “He's going to need your lips that's for sure.” She gave him a strange look. In one move, he pulled her head forward and kissed her forehead as he went out the door, “I'll see you later.”

She locked the door and went to her honey. She watched him brush his mouth and furiously wash his lips. As soon as he was done, he grabbed her and started kissing her. “Kiss me… kiss me like you did the first time.” He said to her, he sucked on her lip, “Do you remember, how it felt when I put my arms around you the first time?” She nodded, he kissed her more.

She thought back to that moment, the music playing, how they drifted into the dark, his arms around her waist, standing against his body, “It felt so good, I thought I was dreaming.” She pecked his lips.

“My heart was beating so fast. I was afraid if I closed my eyes, you would disappear so I kissed you with my eyes open.” he said, so she kissed him soft and gentle like the first time. He hummed with satisfaction, “There it is.” He wrapped his arms around her, burying his face into her neck, cradling her.

She rubbed his back, “What happened to bring this on?” She tried to look him in the face but he just kept his face buried. So she just waited.

He stood up straight, wiped his face with his hands, before embracing her again. She pulled on the back of his shirt, trying to pull him away.

“What happened baby?”

He shook his head.

“You're upset about something. Please tell me.”

He shook his head, “I can't, you'll be mad at me... and I'm afraid of what your answer will be…. And I'm afraid of what you might do to a certain someone, not that I care if you did.”

“I don't like seeing you upset. Whatever it is, we'll figure it out together.”

He finally pulled away, his eyes blinking fast. “What do you want to know first.”

She pinched her lips together and shrugged, “I don't know… uh, what is it that I'll be mad at you about.”

He took a deep breath, “The manager went to the boss. Told him that I'm dating that girl. I told the boss it wasn't true and that I'm dating someone already. I accidentally told him it was someone in the company. So he said that if you love me then you'll give up your job. And if you don't and stay at the company then he'll order me to start dating that girl and make it public in two months.” He hung his head, “I want you to stay not only because I know you love working there but because I want to keep seeing you everyday like before.”

She raised his head, giving him a smile, “What makes you think I'll give you up for a job?”

“I thought you were like me. You'd keep your job and we'd have to figure out how to keep seeing each other”

She laughed, “If I was younger I would have done that but I'm not and I'm not letting you go. You're more precious to me than some job.” she slipped her arms around his waist. “I can find another one if I have to, it's no biggie. What's this other thing you were upset about.”

He bit his lips, that feeling of a slimy tongue trying to invade his mouth, came back. He kissed his noona again. He could still feel her bony little hands touching him. He started to wonder if this how someone who's been sexually violated feels. “Hold me, jagiya, hold me. Don't let me go. I am yours, I belong to only you.”


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