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Her baby god still wouldn't tell her but she wasn't going to press him. Whatever it is that's making him upset, she would let him talk when he's ready. The first place she went was to her boss’ office but he wasn't in. His secretary said he was out for another hour. So she waited. Then she figured she'd go downstairs and see her friend. She knew she had to tell her first.

Everyone greeted her, asking when is she coming back to work. She just smiled and said hopefully soon. When she and her friend were finally alone, that's when she told her the news.

“What!!!” Her friend said upset, “You can't leave! Unnie I won't let you. I'm going to tell boss not to accept your resignation.”

“I have to do this. I was given an ultimatum, besides I love him too much. He told the truth about me and him, what can I do? And I already left my resignation on his desk. I was hoping to catch him.”

Her friend sighed, “Oh unnie… what am I supposed to do without you? We make a great team.” Her friends eyes went wide, “Don't turn around.” She whispered.

Noona shifted her head a little to the side so she could catch the mirror several feet behind her friends head. She squinted and seen someone dressed in white. Walking across the studio heading for the restrooms. She recognized who it was when they flipped their hair back over their shoulder.

“How's your boyfriend?” Her friend asked as soon as that young singer was out of sight, “Was he okay? That one, the older boy, his hyung said he was pretty shook up yesterday.”

She looked at her friend, “Shook up from what?” She thought about how tight he held onto her, not wanting her to let go. Huddling close to her like a child who'd been hurt.

“He didn't tell you?”

“What did she do?” Noona asked, her tone deepening to almost a growl. Her friend shook her head. “What did she do?”

Her friend was almost too afraid, she gulped hard, “She attacked him. His hyung said he only sent him in to talk to her but she attacked him.... She... touched him.”

Her heart was pounding with anger, she couldn't believe it. “That disgusting little bitch” Noona jumped up and bolted for the restroom. She kicked the door open. One by one, she kicked in the stall doors.

“Who's there?!” She heard from the last stall.

Noona continued kicking the doors open. Hoping the sound of her getting closer was scaring the hell out of her. When she gets to her stall door, she kicked but it didn't open. She looked down and seen legs standing against the door. She kicked again and kept kicking it.

“PLEASE, STOP! “ her voice almost on the verge of tears.

Just then her friend came running in, ran up behind her, covered her mouth, and dragged her out. She dragged her out of the studio quickly, hoping no one had seen them. Noona struggled to run back but her friend kept a tight grip on her. She took her down to the parking garage.

“What were you thinking?!!!” She yelled at her unnie, “Get in the car!”

As they drove off, her unnie pounded the arm rest, “GODDAMMIT!.... I knew something was wrong but I figured it had to with what the boss had said.”

“Unnie there's more than one way of getting someone. Not just walking in and beating the hell out of them.” her friend pulled over. “I've been thinking about this, you know how she compared herself to you?”

“What about it? Get to the point”

“I've been doing these pop stars make up for ten years now. I know a surgical scar when I see one. And believe me, she has had A LOT done. She's not naturally pretty that's for sure. So I've been digging around.” She reached into the backseat and pulled a binder out. She opened it, a pile of photos slid out. Her unnie caught some of them and looked them over.

“What is this?” Her unnie asked.

“Old school photos, what she looked like before all that plastic surgery. I guess she tried to do away with it all, she went as far as changing her name. Even her age, she says she's 20 but she's really 25.” she flipped through the binder and pulled a paper out and showed her.

“How did you get all this?”

Her friend shrugged, “It was like pulling a string at one end and the whole thing unraveled. Like it was waiting to be found.” She smiled thinking about who helped her, “the eldest oppa helped.”

She looked at her friends face turning pink and smiling like a fool. “Oppa? Aren't you slightly older than him?”

“Just a couple years.” her friend defended.

Noona hunched over in her seat, holding her tummy.

“What's wrong?” her friend asked.

“My stomach has been hurting.” She said, she opened the window and breathed in deep. “Its been hurting ever since the manager kicked me there.” Her face contorted as the pain got worse. She tried to push the pain away but it was too much this time. She squirmed in the seat, squealing.

“I'm taking you to the hospital.” Her friend said and drove off as fast as she could.


I am heading to L.A. in a couple days to see the babies. I'm so EXCITED! So it may be another few days before I post the next two. IF I finish them before I leave, I'll post them. It's hard to write when your having fun in the sun. (I love this photo, it's from their VCR)
I'm stuck in a traffic jam in Newark right now on my way to get in line. The line is already so long I'm going to have no view from the pit 🙈
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You are going to have so much fun!!!
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