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After releasing a series of teaser clips and images, sexy singer Park Ji Yoon finally unveils her stylish music video for “Mr. Lee.” The entire video is shot in black-and-white to add to the hip and chic atmosphere of the song. Produced by Primary and lending the voice of San-E as a featuring artist, “Mr. Lee” is a feel-good, mid-tempo song about a girl who is interested in a guy. Park Ji Yoon looks gorgeous with her hair parted and tucked behind her ears for a modern and trendy look. She dons various outfits that emphasize her lean but sexy figure. We can see various cameos of models, actors and other professionals with the last name “Lee.” The song title and lyrics is a witty word play of using “Mr. Lee” and “mystery” interchangeably. Park Ji Yoon’s new MYSTIC89 family members, Yoon Jong Shin and Jo Jung Chi also made cameo appearances!