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This is what happens when you use a plot generator, a friends request, not enough Mintaek fan fics, and read posts on a BDSM chat. My dreams have no chill I apologize .

Who: Reader x Oh Mintaek
What: AU/ Smut (+18 )
Story: The Mark binds you to him so no matter where he goes he can find you. After three years of freedom he comes to take you back.

Y/n's POV

The freedom you felt was like never before and you lived with the thought that at some point it would end. He'd come back for you, he sent you signs so you knew he was close and that he was watching. How it must've pissed him off watching you kiss the man at the bar that had bought you three drinks. You knew by the time midnight hit he would claim you again. You would go kicking and screaming, same as the first time he took you. The insensitive bastard, he cursed you without your permission. It would be easier to die but you weren't exactly at that point although, when the opportunity arrived maybe you wouldn't fight it. He didn't seem to want to give you your freedom. Not truly anyway.

You hadn't checked the time as you stumbled out of the bar. You looked up to see rose petals dancing in the night spring breeze. You groaned. He didn't need to tell you he was getting closer. You were trying to enjoy yourself before going back into captivity. You hated the Society. You hated almost everyone there. You hated him. You tried getting away but he was always there. He always found you.

You huffed and looked for the keys to your apartment in your purse when someone came up behind you. Your elbow jutted back as a reaction when you were scared and hit the person in the chest. You turned to see who you had hit clearly and it was the guy at the bar.

"Oh Jiho right? I'm sorry you scared me." You said.

"No it's alright. You left this back at the bar." He said handing you a key.

Shit that was the key to the mail box you needed to get the things you stored in. You took the key and stuffed it into your purse.

"Thank you."

"Will I see you around?" He asked.

"Maybe, more so in your dreams than in real life." You added with a little chuckle.

You were a little tipped but functioning enough that you didn't sense any danger. You were letting him slip from your mind but he was probably coming to get you in ten minutes. Maybe he was outside hiding watching you right now.

"Oh come on, you set me up back there I thought at least I could get a date with you, maybe dinner?" Jiho said wrapping his arms around your waist.

This would piss him off and you hoped it did. In turn, you wrapped your arms around his neck and looked up into his eyes.

"I'm sorry a date is a little far out of my reach I'll be leaving soon and I don't know when I'll be back. By then it might be too late "

"Too late? Alright I get the hint when a girl is just looking for casual flirtation but if this is the only night I'm going to see you can I end it with a goodnight kiss?" He asked.

You grinned from ear to ear.

"I would love that." You said.

His lips covered yours in a soft kiss at first. His plump lips molded over your mouth as his tongue slipped in and he slowly deepened the kiss. His hand went through your hair and he gripped it a little tight making you come to his lips harder. The amount of passion that grew with this kiss could ignite a fire that is until Jiho was suddenly yanked from you. You quickly inhaled and saw the figure you wanted to piss off twisting his arm back. You instantly regretted granting him the kiss outside in full view but not enough witnesses around where he'd have to hide his anger.

"Hey! Let him go!" You yelled as you hurried up to his side.

Mintaek didn't say a word he just let him go.

"Is this your boyfriend?" Jiho asked.

"Yes." He growled.

"No," you quickly corrected.

"He's my insane ex. Jiho I'm so sorry but I think you should go." You said.

"Are you okay with him?" He asked you.

"Yeah he wouldn't hurt me." You said almost as if that sucked.

Jiho looked at Mintaek again but neither one of you could take him. Your mark was burning at the moment and you were just hoping Jiho would go soon so it would cool down. Mintaek looked like he would kill Jiho if he stayed. He finally left with some reluctance and kept looking back at you almost wondering if him leaving you with this psycho was the right thing for him to do. To reassure him you gave him a smile and waved him off. He waved back at you a bit confused but he stopped looking back and went into the bar.

"Jackass." You spit as you turned and walked away from Mintaek.

"You knew I was coming for you and you did that anyway. If it's anyone's fault it's yours." He said angrily.

"Oh like it was my fault for taking the damn Mark in the first place. Oh wait no you did that on your own too didn't you. Without so much as a warning or a 101 class about being owned by an old Vamp with anger management issues."

He quickly made it in front of you stopping you in your tracks.

"Lower your voice when you talk to me Y/n." He growled.

"Or what?" You said stepping up to him.

You knew damn well you didn't have the strength he had from his centuries of life; you could fight vampires though. You were taught that at the Society. The academy trained you well enough that you could kill older ones, they even taught you how to mask your scent. In your time away from Mintaek, you learned a few things of your own. However, you couldn't do any real damage to him while your weapons were stashed away in that mail box but that didn't make you back down. You shared a year and a half with him. The first six months was lust, casual, that turned into something serious. You had fallen in love with him but you were unaware of what he truly was. Then came the night while he was making love to you. A full moon, he'd come home in a daze kind of drunk and he wanted you. He woke you from your sleep and undressed you despite your protest. He fucked you hard and clung to your body while he did. He was calling your name like a spiritual chant and then suddenly he bit you and the Mark of Oh Mintaek became yours. He could find you anywhere, he could protect you, he shared his heart with you but that also meant you belonged to him and it put a target over your head. Other Vampires and even wolves against the Society came after you because of the Mark. He revealed his entire line with you, he brought you into the life and moved you into the Society where you learned to fight and ward off Vampires and Wolves but you hated him. You tried to leave but his mark had you like a tracking device. Everytime you left and every time you tried to escape he knew and he stopped you.

He knew when you were close to death, the few times that you were. The vampires at the academy beat the living soul out of you and nearly killed you, it sent him into a rage so purely demonic that the Elders of the academy had to forbid anyone from laying a hand on you if they were not your opponent in a tournament or a coach. The fact that you became off limits secluded you more. That was the first time you were ever scared of Mintaek. Truly scared. You wouldn't even allow him near you for a few days but that's what that Mark did, it let him know what you were feeling too. It let him know you were scared so he hid away, after facing punishment with the Society's grand Elders.

He broke the rules for you, a human possessed by a Vampire of the Society could not leave with out their owner but he made a deal with you, you got to leave for three years and be free of him and all vampires but after the three years you were to come back to the Society with him. You were excited about the idea of being back home so you took the offer without thinking about what happened after three years. Now he was here collecting you but you enjoyed the freedom and wanted him to take the Mark back or kill you so you didn't have to suffer that place again.

Mintaek's eyes narrowed while the Mark continued to burn. As if you didn't already know he was near by, he was standing right in front if you. He was doing this on purpose, the burn was supposed to warn you of a few things and the intensity of the burn was how you could tell if he was near by, if he was injured, if he was hungry and if he was dying. The dying part was supposed to hurt the most because you two were connected. You would feel what his pain was. Right now he was making it burn you because he was angry but it was signaling that he was near by. You clenched your teeth but stood your ground and glared back at him.

"You're impossible." He said annoyed.

"Thanks I strive to achieve what others can't." You said sarcastically.

"Let's go home." He said.

"That's not my home and you know it." You said.

"We are not about to fight about this. After three years away from you, the last thing I'm going to do is fight you." He said taking a piece of hair that had fallen from the wind and gently pushing it back behind you ear.

This dude was frustratingly confusing. He could be pissed and speak angry but do the most gentle gestures.

"I'll never stop fighting you, you should know that by now. You did this to me without my permission."

"You wanted to be mine."

"Yeah your girlfriend, your wife not your slave." You yelled.

His eyes got softer,

"You're not my slave." He said sadly.

"No you're right I'm just your prisoner." You snapped.

You walked off before him and the burning stopped but you could feel it, from the connection, that you had hurt him and it hurt even more for him because he knew you meant it. Right now you hated him and he could feel it.

"A deal has been made and must be honored Y/n. You're coming back with me." He called after you.

"You can fucking bite me!" You shouted not looking back.

He was going to find you anyway there was no where to run but you weren't going back unprepared...
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