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Okay so I don't feel as close to you guys as I would like to be. So I had an idea. Ask me Q question in the comments of this card, and I will answer them in the next card. Have fun! *If the question is to personal will not answer it*We are a family,so let's bond, James Bond... *Update* Im gonna post the next card this Tuesday. So you have till then to comment your quest
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What's your favorite color
7 months agoReply
what type of music do u like the best and what band is your fave?
7 months agoReply
I love the picture what's her name and is she from somewhere
7 months agoReply
when do you feel the most alive? what is it in life that pumps invigoration through your veins?
7 months agoReply
cool pic is it yours! did someone else draw it? what manga is it from? what types of manga or anime do you like? oh and since you did this ask me what you wNt as well.
7 months agoReply