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So guess what today📆 is EXOrDIUM, the concert in NJ I had tickets🎫🎟, but ended up giving them away to some amazing EXO-Ls 🥇🥈whose names will be given out in 🗣my next card❤️ to others can congradulated 🎉them as well. I am supposed to head into class in less then an hour, but all I can think about is 🙍🏻EXO. 🔮I then decisided to just update this story 📓since I am creeping 👁in here any way so enjoy😻 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chanyeol gave you one of the most bizzared looks you could of ever imagen he could make. You just nod at him guessing the real Chen told him everything. " Are you being serious?", Chanyeol asked you You were suprised, did he or did he not believe you? it was so hard to read his face expression right now. ".... yes?..." you answer testing the waters. "Chen!", Chanyeol screamed in the phone and turn from you, the other members turn around to see what was happening." Where are you? Do you need me to call the police? Can you even understand the language writen infront of you?" Chanyeol was screaming all kinds of questions into the phone getting all frustrated, but stop talking when the manager grab his neck. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING CRAZY RETARD?!?!?!?!" scream the manager into Chanyeol's face. You could tell he was losing oxygen, his face was turning a new shade of red. The other members moved a little from their sits, but they where all scared what will he do to them if they tried to stop him? Will they also be in this position? As they sat there giving each other looks Chanyeol was starting to turn purple and the manager was smirking at him. You could not hold it no longer, this was the breaking point, you turn in your sit and punched the manager as hard as you could in the nose. He was so shocked he let go of Chanyeol who stared to gasp for breath. You reached for him to help him up with you bottle of water in the other hand, but before you could give it to Chanyeol the manager slapped you. As a good girl you had never been in any kind of fight other then back when you babysat, so the slap hurt like hell. Your eyes widen from the pain and you turn to the manager who reached for your hair. Surprisingly, even with Chen's short hair this hurt more then you though it ever would. "What, No Who do you think you are Mr. Kim?" asked the manager sarcastically as he pulled your face closer to his. He grab your shirt collard and pulled you to his face."Since when is one of the scary cats a hero now? I hope you are just out of your damd mind for a second and realize that you are just a puppet! YOU AND ALL THIS COWARDS HERE ARE MY PUPPETS!!!" He scream that and push you down to your sit then spat in your face. "Ugh, what is wrong with you?" you yelled at the man" I have no idea that a manager had the right to yell at his idol like this, does the public know this? what will all the EXO-Ls do if they find out how you are treating them? What is wrong with you ?!" you scream back, one thing is a customer yelling at you, because you are out of ranch an other whole one is a nobody yelling at your babies- even if they are all older then you- who does he thinkhe is. "You do realize that if it was not for them you would not even have a job?" you look around the van and realize it had already reach the destination. All the members were quitely looking at you with a shook and suprise look in their worry face. The manager looked so confused, and angry, but just sat there. You turn to Chanyeol who is still looking at you with his big bugged out eyes, there was more color to his face, but now there were also hand marks in his neck. He snapped out of his suprised and looked down at the phone which was still going in the call. "Chen?" he whisper to it. The members looked so suprised by his action. D.O got up and immediately and grab Chanyeols wrist and started to searching for this pulse. "Are you okay? How many fingers do you see?" he yelled at Chanyeol as he started to wave three fingers infront of his face. Chanyeol was listing to Chen in the other line not caring about the mess that was happeing in front of him at the moment.
"Look what you did to Chanyeol!?" screamed Baekhyun to the manager, crying as he got up from his sit to hold Chanyeol " You broke our Channie! BUAAAAAAA!!!" he started to cry hard and loud. You were the only one that know what was going on in that van, everyone was either surprised, or scared, or there was that one person crying-Baekhyun. The manager got up scared by all the actions and open the door to the van revealing the dorm of EXO. "I have no idea what is wrong with you maniacs, so i will forgive your stupidity this once!" he yelled at them as he look at the messy bunch still inside the van "Get out!"he yell at them " You do not have any work for a week so rest up, Now go!!" he yelled and started to grab their things and pulled them ou. The members got out still some shaking from the weird ride from the airport. The van pulled away and they started to grab their things, but Chanyeol stop them. "Guys," he said in a quite voice from inside his face masked "I think our little friend here has something very important to tell us." he said and grab your shoulders to pull you closer.

"Channie!!" scream Baekhyun and looked at him with shinny eyes. "You are okay?" "I am fine, but we have a very serious problem in our hands and Chen no do I mean Y/N will explain it to us right now," " who is Y/N?" asked Suho You raise you hand slowly and step up front under Chanyeol's arm. " It's me, I am Y/N. But please let's go inside I promise to explain, but not out here there are people staring to stare and i do not want this all over the newspaper." The members nodded and started to head in to the dorm, but Lay asked from behind "Chen are you gay? I mean did you have one of those surgerious done where they turn you to a girl?" Everyone turn around and stare at you, you could feel your eyes pop out, and your face turn red. Quickly you shake your head and wave your hands in a no sigh. " No, guys it is somethings worst." answer Chanyeol from infront of the group as he got into the elevator. They followed him in now even more curioust as to what it could be. As the EXO dorm got closer you looked down from how everything was stariging to hit you now. Eveyone got in the dorm and drop their shoes and bags in the first few steps then collapse into the couch. You stayed up looking at this magical and perfect boys infront of you, them just breathing took your breath away. However, when your eyes fell on Chanyeol he was staring at you back with his hands crossed infront of him. You quickly looked back down at the group and stayed as still as a statue. "Well, what did you have to tell us Chen?" asked Xiumin "You are acting really weird since the plane ride." "I ...." you looked up at all the guys giving you all their attention. You looked back down this is so frustrating "The truth is I really do not know what happen, but I am not Chen my name is Y/N i am from the USA. The last thing i remeber is going to sleep in my bed and i woke up in the plane. I have no idea what is going on I swear i would never do this to be a creep. please believe me" you whisper the last few of the words as they fell out of your mouth. Everyone was quite, you could feel their gaze in your head, but you were not looking you instead you started to turn even a redder shade in the face. "So where is Chen then?" asked Suho "I..... I guessed if we traded bodys as I believe he must be in my apartment back home. You looked up at them to see if they believed you. "So what are we waiting for we have to go get him, and put things back like they were!" said Sehun with a wide smile in his face he grab you by your shoulders and looked at you " Do you mind giving us your real address?" he asked you looking you straight in your eyes. "You do belive me?" you asked a little schocked at how quickly they were welling to believe yu. "Well obviously Chanyeol believes you and both of you were willing to get hit and yelled by the crazy manager for this so it must be true." add Suho as he got up. " Do not worry guys," Chanyeol said from his sit, everyone turn to look at him. "The person i was with in the other line was actually the real Chen, and while everything was happeing we manage to set a flight for him to come here to Korea. He should be in the way to airport at this moment. We have to just wait for him to call us." "Look at our smart Channie!" yelled Baekhyun "I knew you will come in handy one day." The other members laught and started to grab their bags to unpack. "I guess all we can do is wait right?" asked Kai to D.O who nodded at him. You were so lose, were you supposed to unpack? But where were you supposed to put things? At that time someone grab you shoulders and pulled you to the couch. You looked up to see Sehun there smiling at you, he was like two feet taller then you, and his broad shoulders..... Oh God those were so huge and manly, you looked away. "So Y/N why don't you tells us a little about you?" Sehun asked.......... as always if you want to be added to the tag list just say so in the comments below until then this is my little cute list, thank you guys for the support and i promise to update as much as possible, @AbbyHudson @Rosa420 @tiffany1922 @QueenPandaBunny
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