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<< Overseas direct delivery shopping mall>>
- Combining IT and Bio, promising business
- China, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines etc.
- Consumer goods to be repeatedly consumed
- K-Drama, K-Pop benefits business

■ What is overseas direct delivery?
As consumers in Korea buy directly from abroad, foreign consumers buy directly our products through my shopping malls
■ Free Shopping Mall
■ Shipping directly from the sales company
■ Benefits : Approximately 5% pay for each selling to shopping mall operator
(any other benefits)
■ Amicogen (KOSDAQ listed company) products
☆ Collagen drink / jelly
☆ Enzyme water, enzyme, lactic acid bacteria
☆ Health food made for disease treatment purpose
☆ Cosmetics made by professors of dermatology
☆ Genetic testing
☆ Customized health food after genetic testing
☆ Skin Characterization Test
☆ Customized cosmetics after skin characterization test
■ Business presentation session : Every Saturday 13:00
■ Location : 4th floor of Aurora Bldg. Amicogen Pacific headquarters
■ My phone : 010-2339-7272