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안녕하세요 B2UTYS! It Suki, with the help of @MelissaGarza and @KenyaMendoza for another week of Uncovering BEAST. Now, now look away from the hot guy above. We will be bringing you this week.....Yong Jun Hyung. He changed his name when he was in sixth standard from Yong Jae-soon to Yong Jun-hyun. He was embarrassed of his real name.
Nicknames: Poppin' Dragon, Joker or Ayoo-Man
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Birthdate: December 19, 1989
Ht: 178cm
Wt: 64kg
Blood type: O
Talents: singing, acting, playing piano and dancing
He seems to be getting nervous about what will be coming up next. Don't worry Jun-hyung we will not embarasse you....much. Now to continue. He was a previous member of Xing, before he joined BEAST. In Xing he was known as Poppin' Dragon. His favorite singer is Bon Jovi. I must say he was my favorite singer when I was growing up too. When all the memebers lived in the dorm together, he would throw away all the other members things to keep the dorm clean. He thought they would get mad, but they did not. They just did not care as long as the dorm was clean. He would always clean the bathroom, he states "that is where you have hygiene at so it needs to be clean." He would also arrange all the members toothbrushes in a rainbow, since they each had a different color. Yoseob used to be his alarm clock by singing and dancing "Change" on his bed.
I think he needs that alarm clock now. Jun-hyung admits that even though he sleeps a lot, he is always sleepy. Umm should someone wake him. Jun-hyun has had the same Gucci wallet for the past 5 years. He was surprised to find out that Dongwoon was a Maknae, he thought for sure that Dongwoon was older than him. He would also blame Dongwoon that he would get edited out of the screen was because of him. When he Jun-hyun gets tired, he mumbles. Jun-hyun admits that he loves talking, he also never wants to be separated from the other memebers.
He is so silly! I hope you enjoyed this weeks of Uncovering BEAST. I hope you will join us for next weeks. Annyeong B2UYS!
Please check out the youtube video that @MelissaGarza, put together for you B2UTYS.
he will forever be my bias. I love how talented he is along with hearing his voice just warms my heart. 😍😁
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Yes it does!
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I love how you put Everything together ❤
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Thank you!
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I adore this fluffy poodle!
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