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Who: Reader x Oh Mintaek
What: AU/ Smut (+18 )
Story: The Mark binds you to him so no matter where he goes he can find you. After three years of freedom he comes to take you back.

You were raised quite normally, you had two older brothers and your parents were happily married. You were a straight A student and graduated Summa Cum Laude in high school. You went through four years off collage studying to be an archeologist. Your life was going quite well then Oh Mintaek walked through the door. He was this amazingly handsome man that some how always made the color red look like his song of seduction. The moment he came into the room people had their eyes on him. His strong jaw and piercing blue eyes seemed almost unreal. He saw you at a cafe, you were reading a book about the Terracotta warriors found in China hoping to go see them in person youself one day. They must've been magnificent. He walked in looking dead at you. His eyes were so dead set on you, you could feel them watching you, making you look up. His first thing should've been to smile but instead he took the seat in front of you, spun it around and sat down, folding his arms so they could rest on the back of the chair. He walked up to you like he had known you his whole life. Like he had been searching for you and you fell for the act quick. You were chewing on the last of your bagel and looking at him up and down before you swallowed and said,

"Um, can I help you?"

He looked at your book and reached out to pull it down to see what you were reading.

"They're not as interesting as you might think. They're just statues harboring lost souls."

"Souls of the damned?" you played along like he was telling you something spooky.

"Exactly." he said so matter-of-factly you wondered if he meant it or not.

Back then he was just some odd guy that happened to catch your intrest. He was intense most times but his crazy matched your crazy so well that you couldn't help but be drawn to him. Back then you had no idea he was telling the truth. When you received his Mark and he took you to the sight you could actually hear the souls of the damned. Warriors that had died and most of them were the warriors of the opposing side. Once you recieved Mintaek's Mark your eyes opened up to a lot more things. You were able to smell Vampires and Wolves. You could see the Marking of a Vampire and their clan or a Wolf and its pack. The Markings were always detailed and unique; no clan or pack had a Mark that looked like the other. They looked like tattoos and seemed to glow to you when they were about to shift or bring out their fangs. Mintaek's Mark was seared into your skin and you hated it. Unlike a tattoo, you weren't able to get rid of it in a few sessions. Mintaek had to willingly take back his Mark.

He wasn't going to do that.

For some reason, he wanted you even when you told him you hated him. You were connected to him and all you could feel was rage. The night he gave you his Mark he was ravenous in the way he took you, like he was possessed. Like he was starving.

You could still remember the pain of his fierce bite and the way his fangs sank into your skin. He held his bite while you cried and tried to pull away. Your heart raced and you were scared. You could feel the burn of his Mark on your shoulder. He had Marked you, made you his prize. So many people saw it as a high honor but he never gave you a proper chance to understand everything going on. He explained everything in his time and kept most things a secret from you. You became fed up with it. Fed up with his rules, fed up with his hiding. You wanted to leave the Society the moment he took you there. So many Vampires, so many rules, it was literally a new world to get adjusted too. He had lived there his entire life he didn't process that you were scared and confused. He slept with you when he wanted and you woke in the morning to find him gone. He was at meetings with chief Elders of the Society most of which didn't approve of him taking you in the first place but they wouldn't allow him to take back his Mark and he wasn't going to anyway. He planned on keeping you. You felt like a damn trophy to him. Back in Earth you had a life, a promising future a possible life to start a family. What were you supposed to do with this future he'd given you.

A few thousand years ago they had gone through an epic crisis. The Vampire Royals and the Wolf Royals were warring with each other, the ultimate battle that could ever be waged and, as a precaution to protect their son if they lost the war, they sent Mintaek to sleep. Only one other person knew of his location and Hyukwoo was mostly silent about it. He was asleep while Hyukwoo rebuilt the Society to its former glory. He had set the, now, oldest living Vampires that survived the war and placed them in power, made them over seers and a grand Council. Any rule broken and unfollowed would have to answer to them even the fallen Prince. Mintaek still held power but it was reserved until a certain point and the anger inside him had the Grand Elders making sure he couldn't come into power until that was taken care of. It was because of his uncontrolled power that they wouldn't allow him back to his thrown. Mintaek either honored the new order or was waiting for the perfect opprotunity to kill them and you weren't sure which one it was. He even answered to Hyukwoo but Hyukwoo was older than him. He served his parents so he took his word as gold and when Hyukwoo put him in his place or told him to calm down he did. That was really the only thing you were grateful for when you were in the society.

At least Mintaek answered to someone.

But where would you be when he answered to no one?

You made it back to your apartment hurrying up the stairs and unlocking the door to walk in. The place was horribly small and you looked around at the now empty space. You had sold almost everything you owned, there was nothing left except something you left in your room. You walked up the stairs to your room and opened the closet grabbing the small book you had hidden away in there. You didn't want to go back but you had no idea how you were supposed to fight him. The key you had opened the mail box in the Society. You had locked away most of your weapons when you were there, when he released you. It wasn't a release though. He was taking you back and you just didn't want to go. You looked out the window and saw the full moon. Despite its beauty it still brought back the bad memories of receving his Mark, that you were bound to him and meant to obey. It probably pissed him off more that you didn't listen. That you were different from other humans that took a Vampires Mark. Probably because you weren't human at all, not completely anyway. You took out your phone and called your brother. It was past midnight, you had to go and you could feel Mintaek at your door, he was probably leaned up against the wall trying to give you a little space.

"Y/n? What are you doing up I thought you had something to do tomorrow." he answered.

"Well technically it is tomorrow Yoshi." you said using his nickname.

"Oh I don't like it when you call me that." he said already senseing the trouble that you couldn't pull out of your voice.

"I just wanted to check in on you. You sound like you're having fun." you said with a smile.

"Yeah Jin and Hwasa invited us out to drink. You should've come along."

You laughed,

"No I've already had my fun for the night, plus you wouldn't like to see me when I'm drunk. I might end up flirting with you." you chuckled.

"Ew little sis." he laughed.

"Listen I'll let you go, enjoy your night Johnny." you said.

"Yeah you too Baby sis." he said.

He hung up the phone and you looked at the screen seeing his picture disappear. You and Johnny were close. Both your brothers and you were but Johnny and you had a bond and when he wasn't drunk, he could always sense when something was wrong. You suspected he'd come over the next day because he remembered the call and wanted to see if you were okay. He'd blow up your phone wondering where you had disappeared to. Since you were so used to moving around he probably wouldn't think anything was wrong, except he'd be upset that you moved without letting him know. He'd probably wait a few days and by the end of the week he'd be ready to call the police to search for you. You pulled out the little letter you had written for your brother that you tucked in the back of your book. You just explained that you were sorry for leaving so abruptly and didn't mean to worry them. You'd see them the next chance you got and go eat with them. You asked them not to worry about you but also not to contact you either because you wouldn't be able to pick up. You would call them when you were back but even you knew you probably wouldn't be back. Not really. Maybe he'd bring you here to take out some Wolves and drag them to the Dragar Gates, the place where their version of criminals lived with eternal suffering. You'd proabaly compare it to Greek mythology's version of Hades but with all the fire and brimstone of a very real hell. Honestly, you might even compare Mintaek to Hades himself and you were Persephone, being kidnapped and dragged to hell to belong to him. You didn't want to go but you didn't have a choice. You pocketed your cellphone and leaned against the window.

"You know you can come see them anytime you want as long as you ask." he said.

"Oh as long as I ask to see my family. I'd rather be in a normal relationship. I'd rather be here in Earth rather than you're fucked up Society with a hundred eyes watching me where ever I go. I'd rather run through hell naked and burn slow then go anywhere with you much less have to ask to see my own flesh and blood." you spit not even looking at the door.

"Do you just enjoy hurting me?" he said.

"Yes." you said all too quickly and factually.

In fact, you wanted him to hurt more. You heard him sigh, you could feel how angry he was getting. If you pushed him a little more he was probably going to burn the house down. Maybe you could stay in it long enough to burn with it.

"Why give me freedom in the first place when you're just going to take it away? You're going to take me back. You claim to love me but you're sentencing me to life in that stupid world. I hate the very scent of Vampires. The moment I smelled you I felt my stomach turn.

"I know there's something in you that loves me." he said softly.

"Nah, that died out a long time ago. I've fucked a lot since you let me go. I caught up with everything I missed that year. There was a point where I was going to commit but then you went and did that. You gave me a curse I can't get rid of. I'm not yours Mintaek. You just want me to be but we both know there's no way in hell I'm going to obey a thing you say." you said.

"It wasn't supposed to turn out like this."

"Life's full of unexpected surprises. It likes to fuck your plans right in your face and then laugh as your heart shatters. Life is the best at making a cuckold out of a person." you chuckled almost amused at the idea.

"Stop doing this." he said.

"No because I hate you and you just don't seem to get that."

"Because I love you damn it! You know this, you feel it!" he yelled.

He was now off the wall and looking through the door. You turned to him with your eyes just as cold as his skin.

"Yeah but- I don't care." you glared at him.

"Why are you like this? Why now, when we were dating you weren't this cruel."

"When we were dating, I was still human and you were too. Things change, people change. Feelings, they fucking change. Get it through that thick skull of yours I don't fucking want you. What I want is my freedom and my life back. I want your fucking Mark GONE!" You happened to flash the mark at him.

It began to burn at the intense pain he was feeling. You held your ground and knew what he was thinking. This intense feeling of wanting you. Wanting you to understand, wanting to stop suffering because he couldn't take it. He wanted you. He hid things from you, he lied to you, he drug you to that damn place and he was here to do it again. You weren't going to go so easily. You weren't going to prance in his arms the moment he showed up and say 'Oh Mintaek I've missed you these three years and I'm ready to go back' Fuck that! Damn it you hated the people there so much just thinking about them made you make his Mark burn. You could see it glow and so did his icy blue eyes. His fangs had popped out but the house hadn't caught fire yet. He wasn't angry enough yet. He wasn't going to hurt you intentionally you were going to have to force him to do it.

"Did you really think I was just going to be so happy to see you again? That's what you thought didn't you, that three years apart and I would want to be in your arms again. I would want you to fucking bite me and feed from me. Tie me down like you like to do. You think I was going to go back to that torture hole where the ones that disobeyed went? You think I'm going back to that shit hole of a world with open arms and happiness when all I did was suffer there? The humans hated me because I could refuse you, the vampires hated me because I didn't hold my tongue. I hated you for taking me there, the council hated me because of what I was and you- you have the audacity to come back to me thinking I'd be excited to go back to the place I know I'll always be alone."

"You'll have me."

"You're no where near enough." you said adding extra venom in your voice.

His Mark had him yell in frustraction, burning him with all the rage that you were feeling at the moment. Before you knew it he was slamming you into the wall. He had his hand on your neck and he was holding you against it. His eyes were watery but his anger quickly subsided the moment he realized he was attacking you and that he'd set something on fire. He dropped you and put the fire out. He huffed in the room, panting heavy from the anger he felt. You were leaned against the wall. He was getting better at controling his powers.

"Don't fucking test me Y/n you'll remember what it's like to want only me. Now get the fuck up and let's go." he snapped.

"You're going to have to drag me there because I'm not moving." you said looking up at him.

He turned to look back at you. You smiled at him and he stalked over towards you and picked you up to throw you over his shoulder.

"Where's your stuff?" he asked seething.

"I have nothing left." you said in a laughing tone.

You felt like a psycho that was excepting their fate in the insane asylum. You'd descend more into your insanity but you weren't going to give him your heart. You had built up so much around it, briars, walls and traps. He wasn't getting past your defenses, even the back gate was guarded, he wasn't getting to you again...

You two ended up at the Whirlpool. That's what you liked to call it. It was this red fountain that looked like it was flowing with blood but in reality the color was just deep red from some little effect the park place did. However, the Vampires from the Soceity used it as the portal to their world. You hated going though it. You always felt nauseous once you went through it. He put you on your feet and waved his hand over the water after looking around. He opened the portal and looked at you so you'd go in first. You weren't moving. You stood their with your arms crossed.

"You're going in either way so just make it easier on yourself."

"No I like the idea of you forcing me to do it, at least then I'm still entitled to hate your fucking guts." you smiled sarcastically at him.

He growled and grabbed your arm and pulled you through the portal with him. You were in the Soceity before you knew it. The pressue of his world got to you again and you dropped to your knees. Mintaek lowered to see if you were okay.

"Don't fucking touch me!" you snapped at him.

The pressure felt more intense than before. It would leave in a few minutes. Your body would adjust because of the damn Mark. That's why humans couldn't come here without a Mark, they wouldn't be able to survive it. The pressure you felt once you walked in was the most incredbile pressure you ever felt. This was why when you went back to earth you were actually stronger than you should be, the pressure on Earth was much lighter than here.

Your body finally adjusted to it and you stood up on your own. The gate keeper hadn't said a word. He was pretty much aware of how you felt towards Mintaek, everyone at the Society was. They didn't think you deserved him and you always offered someone to take him off your hands. None took the offer. You spit on the ground before fixing your shirt. You had actually dropped the letter for your brothers in front of the door when Mintaek carried you out. The book was still stuffed in your bra though, it was small enough to fit. He walked you down the hall of the Society, he wasn't touching you, he was silent but you could feel his heart racing. He was angry but you felt more regret from him than anything. You two made it to the front of the Society and you looked up the long half spiral stairs. The place was covered in red and gold just like you remembered. The roses that were surrounding the area never seemed to die. They seemed like the same ones you had seen when you peeked over your shoulder to look back on last time at the Society when you left three years ago. The stairs were gold with a red roll out carpet on them and coming down the steps was Hyun Jung. She had her brown hair slung over one shoulder and she was holding her dress up on oneside as she walked down carefully to get down the steps.

"Princess." you said with a less than enthusiastic voice.

She looked at you and gave a stiff smile,

"Y/n I see you've returned."

"Against my will I might add but you knew that already." you said.

She leaned her elbow on the railing of the stairs and brought her hand to her cheek. She almost looked like she was pouting but she was really just as disintrested as you were.

"Well the Council wanted you back anyway. They figured it was to dangerous having someone that can't follow orders out there roaming around."

"Considering they know that I want nothing to do with this fucking place you'd think they'd just let me be. "

"They were scared you'd tell the Wolves something."

You scoffed,

"Bunch of pussies." you said annoyed.

"Watch it Y/n." Mintaek warned.

"Or what they'll kill me? Hm that would mean they already have more balls than you. Maybe they'll lend you a set." You shot.

He rolled his eyes and pursed his lips to contain the growl. You walked away from him and you heard Hyun Jung say,

"Be careful not to stray little kitten you wouldn't want to get eaten."

Fuck. This. Place.

Mintaek's POV

"Nice going with that one Mintaek really you couldn't have picked a better mate." Hyun Jung said sarcastically.

Mintaek shot her a look that made her settle her attitude. She knew not to get him riled up. While Y/n's disobedince and attitude pissed him off, he wouldn't hurt her on purpose but anyone else he would. Hyun Jung knew she wasn't in a safe zone the way Y/n was with him. She just didn't understand it. He wasn't doing any of this to hurt her or break her heart. He wasn't trying to keep her away from her family or the world she loved but the more she resisted him the less he gave her. At some point he was trying to get her to understand the longer she fought him the less he'd be able to give her. She was more important in his world than she knew and he wasn't really able to explain any of that to her when she was combating him at every turn. She tried so many times to run away and he had caught her, he broke the rules for her to leave and it broke his heart seeing how excited she was to be back on Earth. He hated that she wanted to be away from him, he hated that she wasn't loving him back. She loved him before the Mark but the Mark had changed her. He didn't introduce her to the world very well though. It was his own fault he knew how she was. He'd given her a Mark that bound her to him for life. All her life she might as well have been a Vampire herself. She hated learning how to fight but she loved the library with all the anicient texts. She had learned the language quickly, of course she spoke three other languages that didn't include her native tongue and Mintaek knew it was quite easy to learn new languages when you knew others.

"She just needs time to adjust." he said.

"She's been here for a year. She knows how this world works at least enough to know not to try the Grand Elders. You think they're going to tolerate your little pet bad mouthing them or the Society? They were right to make you bring her back, they were right to tell you she could never leave you again and they were right when they told you, you shouldn't have gone to get her in the first place."

"She's the one."

"To destroy us all? " She shot back.

Mintaek went silent but shook his head,

"She's the one, the next queen. She'll be my wife." he said.

Hyun Jung laughed like that was the best joke he told in centuries.

"If you think she's going to agree to that you're as dellusion as she thinks you are." she said.

She walked down the rest of the steps and headed in the opposite direction Y/n went in. Hyun Jung stopped and said,

"Look I'm not the girl's number one fan -but I actually understand where she's coming from. You decieved her and broke her heart. You made her apart of a world she never got to say she was comfortable with being a part of in the first. In a way, she feels trapped and forced to be yours, forced to do your bidding, forced to be one of us and because of that she doesn't trust you."

Hyun Jung looked over her shoulder and looked at Mintaek.

"If you want her to love you again you have to earn her trust back. Good luck with that." she ended with a chuckle as if it were impossible.

She walked off and left Mintaek in the foyer. She stood there for a moment when he felt his Mark burn. What the hell was she doing now? He flitted to her room, she remembered where that was at least and he bust through the door...

Y/n's POV

You got to the old room you and him used to sleep in. You hated this room, it smelled like him all over. You pulled open the red curtains. He had red rose petals everywhere, Rose petals was his signature but he had set some kind of romantic atmsphere in the room as a welcome back that you weren't intrested in. You could feel that he wanted you, that he was longing for you but you were forcing yourself to ignore it. The moment you gave into his feelings they would affect your own and you weren't falling in love with him again. You now realized your hate for the color red, it was because of this world. The Society was covered in red and gold and you hated every bit of it. Your walls were Gold and the King bed had gold sheets and gold pillow cases with a large red blanket, softer than a sheeps fur. There was some creatue out here they crafted the blanket from they used its fur or whatever to craft the blankets. Vampires didn't get hot unless they were burning in fire but they did reach a comfortable warmth in these blankets. You had to sleep in your underwear under them because the blanket actually made you too hot to sleep comfortably.

The under tone of the sky was a red hue too. The place had three suns and the way the light bent and worked it just gave the world a red look. It seemed like it took hours for night to arrive and time moved much slower here than on Earth. The Suns here actually conditioned and strengthened the Vampires skin so that when they went on Earth they actually weren't affected by the suns rays. Fiction always talked about Vampires being creatures of the undead but they weren't necessarily dead to begin with they just had what seemed like an eternal life span. Their hearts beat, blood pumped through their bodies, they felt like humans, needed to eat and shower like humans too. Vampires had an unusaly diet though, the creatures on their planet they could eat but they needed to drink blood like Humans needed to drink water, it was just essential for them to survive. Earth food they couldn't eat, in fact Mintaek often faked eating his food when he was with you, often going to the bathroom to throw it up so he didn't get sick. You didn't know that until he Marked you.

You looked out at these stupid suns and couldn't remember how time worked here. Was it thrity six hours here? No it took two days Earth time to get a full day here so four eight hours. You didn't have a watch either so you couldn't tell how long it would be before night fell. There were only about five or six hours of night time here and that was twice as annoying. However, they had built something on their windows for a total sun block out so that you didn't have to worry about the sun waking you up. You closed the curtain again to get rid of as much light as you could. You saw a glass on the bed side dresser and rolled your eyes.

Right he still had to drink from you.

You tried your little magic ability that you had learned from Tetra (Tee- Tra). She was Fae, you were half Fae but you had enough to perform magic. So you held out your hand and tried to concentrate. You tried to think about the same knives you had held in your mailbox here. For a minute, you thought you were getting it wrong and then the picture seemed more clear as you thought about it. You closed your eyes calmed yourself and pictured the knife like it was there in your hand. You opened your eyes and smiled. You had actually projected it.

The knife was real.

You took it to your wrist and cut deeply, whining in pain as you did and forcing tears back. You held your wrist over the cup by the dresser and let your blood drain into it. You felt faint quicker than you thought you would. The door suddenly burst open and you looked at Mintaek standing there looking at you in horror. He ran over to you and saw your wrist. He quickly bit into his own and said,

"Drink it."

He was in panic you could feel it but you didn't have the strength to lift your head and you closed your eyes.


He put his wrist to your lips quickly and tried to get as much of his blood into you before the wound closed. It was said that if a Vampire gave a human blood they would heal just as quickly as a Vampire did. When you were nearly ripped to shreds and he lost his marbles, the way they kept you alive was pumping you full of Vampire blood. The thing was, the more that happened, the more Vampire tendencies you had. Like wanting to drink blood yourself.

Your wound started to heal and you started to pull back from him, back to your regular annoyance.

"Are you crazy?" he snapped at you.

"Next time just let me die." you said with cold eyes.

He breathed like he couldn't believe what you were saying but you felt it. He was just hurt that you wanted to die. He was hurt that you were so upset with him that death seemed like a better escape for you than living with him. You felt your stomach turn and you felt slightly like an ass but you held yourself down. You held those emotions back, you had every reason to be this cruel to him and it wouldn't be that easy to get to you.

"That cup was for you Y/n not for me." he said looking at the wall.

"Were you planning on feeding me blood? I don't float that boat handsome." you said disinterested.

"It wasn't for blood it was for wine." he said.

"I'm not drinking with you. I can barely stand you when you're sober I like you even less when you're blood drunk."

"Why do you keep doing this to me? I have been suffering for three years waiting for you to come back to me. I've missed you," his hand touched your ankle and ran up your leg.

You watched his hand and then looked up at him. He turned to look at you.

"I've wanted you. I've wanted you here in bed with me. I've wanted you next to me, in my arms. I've wanted to hold you baby."

"Don't even start with that. Just drink what's yours and go." you bit.

You shooed his hand away and turned to lay down on your side. He shook his head.

"I'm supposed to drink from you not from a glass. You'll have to put it back."

"Then you'll have to starve because if you think for a second I'm going to let you bite me again just to put another stipulation on me you're out of your damn mind." You barked.

He leaned over you anyway. He was a presistent asshole. He leaned down to get to your lips. You tried to push him away. You put your hands on his face and pushed him. He grabbed your hands and pinned them down. Your body betrayed you, you were already reacting to that fast forceful action. His eyes glowed in desire and you could feel it in him, in your Mark and you were annoyed because he was already aware of what he had done to you. Your panties became a little wet and he started to sniff before a smile came to his face. He reached over for the glass of blood and downed it like a shot while keeping your other hand pinned to the bed. He started to laugh and he looked down at you. His icy eyes were glowing furiously now and he grinned wide with your blood staining his lips.

"Don't ever forget who you belong to. You're mine." he said looking down at you.

He flipped you around and pulled your hands behind your back. He tied them up and then turned you back around. You glared at him as his hand trailed down your body to get to your pants. He stuck his hand down them and his finger tips touched your clit. You inhaled deeply, your core heated up and you got wetter, again your body was betraying you. You closed your eyes, you tried to clear your mind. You weren't just going to give into this.

"Look at me. Look at me." he said upset.

"Look at me!" he growled.

Your eyes slowly opened but the annoyance hadn't left your face. He smiled when your eyes opened though. He stared into your eyes and sighed.

"I've missed my puppy. I'll show you how much. I'll make you scream for me." he said.

He pushed two fingers inside of you and you clenched your jaw and took another deep breath. Fuck you were starting to break. It was starting to feel really good. He pushed up your shirt with his other hand and started to play with your breast.

"This doesn't mean shit!"

"It means you're horny baby girl and that's all that matters to me. Your body is more honest than you. You miss me."

"Fuck you."

He grinned, you gave him way too much blood. Guess no matter what, he was going to get blood drunk anyway. He brought his hand back down and pulled off your pants quickly. He took your underwear with them and tossed them to the side. He licked his lips as he looked down at your womanhood.

"You smell so fucking delicious, just like I remember you."

"I fucking hate you!" you yelled.

"You won't in a minute." he hummed.

He dipped his head down and his tongue licked the tip of your clit making you arch of the bed with a loud moan.

Y/n don't do this. Do you dare fucking give in to this prick...
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