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find the rest of the story here As soon as you got to the club you walked towards the bar. "One Rum and Coke please." The bartender smiled as he winked at you,"Sure thing sweety." You smiled as you looked around. All you witnessed were people either younger than you or way older than you grinding on each other on the dance floor. You scoffed as you drank your drink. You weren't sure how many shots you've already done but you knew you weren't sober. "Hey." You looked up from your drink to find a beautiful man with sparkling eyes. He looked almost straight out of a fairy tale,"Uh hi." "I've been watching you and I was wondering if you wanted to you know..." He slurred his words into your ear as he placed his hands on your thighs moving inwards sending chills down your spine. You laughed almost ready to agree when the bartender interrupted the man before he can do anything. "Okay buddy. Move it she's drunk so she's not going anywhere with a creep like you." You looked at the bartender playfully pouting as the guy went his way instantly changing his target to another girl who was not as drunk as you,"Awh...I'm not drunk." He laughed,"Yes you are. Give me your phone." You laughed as you handed him your phone. You placed your head on the table hoping to stop the room from moving. You close your eyes for what felt like a second but when you finally opened them you were in a car. You shifted in your seat to take a better look at the figure in the drivers seat,"Yoongi..." He looked at you,"Y/N you're awake." "Why'd you do it?" "What?" He wasn't sure where all of this was suddenly coming from but to be honest neither did you. "Why'd you cheat on me? Was I the only one who was happy? Is that my thing? To pretend everything is okay when it's not?" You scoffed. "Y/N...I cheated because I was stupid. Chanyeol cheated because he was stupid." You shook your head as you looked out the window. "No you guys cheated because I hurt you somehow or I wasn't enough somehow. And those girls made you feel better about yourselves than I did." You continued to stare out the window as you cried. "I'm sorry..." You said while dozing off to sleep a tear escaping your eyes making its way down your cheek. --------------- You shielded your eyes from the sun with one hand as the other one rubbed your temples giving off some type of relief from the banging headache from last nights fiasco. You got out of bed to go to the kitchen to find some hangover soup on the stove with a little note from Yoongi. Eat this. I called Baekhyun so expect a call. "Fuck. Fuck. Why'd you do that Yoongi." In a panicked state you ran into your room changing out of last night's clothes and into something more suited for lounging about. You heated up the soup when you heard the door bell ringing. You hesitantly walked up to the door. "Baek...I was expecting a call." He scoffed as he made his way into your apartment. He sat down on the couch and motioned for you to sit down. "Baek before you get mad...I wan--" "I'm not mad Y/N...disappointed is more like it." You looked at him eyes filled with shock,"What?" "You're struggling and hurting right now and I can't even do anything about it. Chanyeol and I talked...the reason he started seeing Irene...you're the one at fault. The thing with Nana too." "What?" He placed his hands over his mouth,"I hate to admit it but everything is your fault." You looked down. He was right everything was your fault. Maybe if you showed Chanyeol more love he never would've even looked at someone else. Maybe if you didn't tell Nana to just tell Jongdae and showed more compassion you'd still be friends. Baekhyun was right everything was your fault,"You're right. I'm sorry for disappointing you..." He shook his head as he sat down next to you and gave your forehead a gentle kiss. "I have a photoshoot but rest okay?" You nodded. "I will." You watched as he left. He left you to think all this was your fault but maybe he was right. Nothing would've gone wrong if you just stayed quiet. ---------- You sat there nervously waiting for your name to be called. Once it was, you fiddled with your fingers as you watched the interviewer shuffling through his paperwork,"Alright Ms. Byun. It says here you were a stylist for SM. Why are you suddenly wanting to go into accounting?" You looked down,"I figured being a make up artist is not a stable enough job." "So you're being realistic." He laughed. You nodded laughing along,"You can say it like that. Yes." He skimmed through your papers some more. "But you worked in SM and they are a big company. There isn't any other reasons why you're leaving the company is there?" You shook your head. "No sir just here to make a better decision for my life. A job as a stylist has many exhausting working hours and emotionally straining situations that is too much to handle considering the amount of pay. Not worth it at all." You cleared your throat satisfied with your answer. You weren't wrong the mental abuse of being in a room where everyone blamed you for everything. Even your own brother for fucks sake. It was getting to much to handle. So much that you didn't even bother to find another stylist job. Just a job. A great paying job with no physical or mental strains. You had studied a little and got a degree in accounting and management so you knew a thing or two of the field. A concept of it, nothing you couldn't learn right away. "This is great. You have a degree in Accounting and Management. Your grades showed excellency in math and work experience although a little unorthodox work experience I think with a brain like yours accounting will be as easy as choosing what shirt goes with what pants right?" You nodded in agreement as he held out a hand for a handshake. Without hesitation you shook his hand,"We'll give you a call for when you start work." You bowed goodbye as you left his office. You picked up your phone dialing the head of the stylists,"Uh yeah hi...Its Y/N. Can we talk?"
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man that's so mean how can beak blame me for everything 😝😀 he needs to chill..good thing I'm leaving hahaha lol
baekhyun is acting less and less like a brother 😞
How is it her fault?!! I really don't understand that. Girl you don't deserve that kinda treatment! A new job sounds like a plan to meπŸ˜†
Baekhyun is choosing her ex side instead of here own sister!πŸ˜ͺ Baekhyun and Chanyeol BOTH need to find there chill!😀😀