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I almost got you out of my head, but you are back again and as much as it kills me, because I know I can never have you, at least I know what it feels like to really care about someone. All the others were just fake. All the others were just fillers that distracted me from you, but the minute I stepped away from them you would flood my head again. I either want you or I want you gone but I know I can't have you and I know the only way to get rid of you is if I fall for someone else, but you make that so hard to do. I don't even feel mad at you anymore. At this point I am only mad at myself for allowing you to do the things that you do. I wish you would just say something so I could know what you are thinking, maybe even what you are feeling, if anything at all.
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i loved bowling for soup. Still listen and watch the old vids.