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I want to say think you to those who are enjoying the story so far and I huge thank you to those who I am tagging for supporting me with this story. This is my first smut story as many of you know. I have received so much love already for this story that it brings tears to my eyes (happy tears). The last time that I had so much love for one of my stories was three years ago. To show how much I am grateful I deiced to share with you the playlist that I listen to while I am writing the smut scenes, heartbreak, or just writing the chapters in general. There is a lot of songs, a total of 63 songs! Some of them are kpop but most of them are english, but came from fmvs that I tend to watch *cough* Jimin *cough* Jungkook *cough* lol. I will share the whole list, the main theme, and a few videos. For the main theme as the title says is Talking Body. Now I have heard the original version and a cover. I love both versions and if you want to hear the cover version check out datjimilly
She is a big fan of Jimin and Jungkook. I love her videos and most of them have given me to many ideas for stories.

This is the original version of Talking Body
1 – 10
1. Ride- SoMo
2. Sweater & Jeans – Super Junior D&E
3. Put My hands on You – Dean
4. Come My Way – PLVTINUM
5. Pillowtalk – Zayn
6. Not Afraid Anymore – Hasley
7. Don’t Wanna – Fredin&ND
8. Now and Later – Sage the Gemini
9. Own It – Drake (only the part where Jimin and Jungkook cover dance) 10. Policeman – Eva Simons

The smut scenes I tend to have this song on repeat or another.
SoMo Ride
11 – 20
11. I Don’t Wanna – Jane XO
12. Girls Like U – Blackbear
13. It Girl – Jason Darulo
14. So Bad – Brandon Skeie
15. Me Likely – Trevor Jackson
16. Me Like Yuh – Jay Park
17. Talking Body (male and female versions) – Tove Lo
18. Paris – The Chainsmokers
19. Bumpy Ride – Mohombi
20. sHE- Zayn

Hasley Not Afraid Anymore
21 – 30
21. Make Me Love You – Taeyeon
22. One More Weekend – Audien & Max
23. Body on Me – Rita Ora
24. Contrail – MoonMoon
25. Forever – Jay Park
26. I NEED U – BTS
27. Bad Boy – BIGBANG
28. Stay with Me – Taeyang
29. Love You to Death – Taeyang
30. Kiss Me Slowly – Parachute

For the heartbreak, I tend to play Mercy from Shawn Mendes on repeat and I also have BTS I NEED U play a lot too.

31 – 40
31. Love Me Like You Do – Ellie Goulding
32. Who You – GDragon
33. Miss You – Nickelback
34. Miss Right – BTS
35. The Last Song I’ll Write you – David Cook
36. Perfect Girl – Monsta X 37. Cinderella – CNBLUE
38. Gotta Be You – 2NE1
39. This Love – Shinhwa
40. The Last Time – Taylor Swift

Mercy Shawn Mendes
41 – 50
41. Kiss Me – Ed Sheeran
42. Paper Hearts – Jungkook’s cover
43. I Gave You – Shinhwa
44. Photograph – Ed Sheeran
45. Girlfriend – BIGBANG
46. Solo – Jay Park
47. Starlight – Taeyeon ft. Dean
48. Closer – The Chainsmokers
49. Wildest Dreams – Tayler Swift
50. I Guess I Need U – BAP O
ther songs that I would just listen to get the feel of the setting or for the chapter I go for comfort songs

Sweater Weather - The Neighborhood (I really like this song)
51 – 63
51. Tell Me Why – Huh Guk
52. Baby it’s You – Doojoon & Gikwang
53. Found You – Junhyung
54. Just One Day – BTS
55. Falling Fast – Avril Lavigne
56. Uneasy – 2PM
57. Trying Not to Love You – Nickelback
58. Sleeping with a Friend – Neon Trees
59. This Love – Tayler Swift
60. Sweater Weather – The Neighborhood
61. Rumor – K.A.R.D
62. Don’t Recall – K.A.R.D
63. Mercy – Shawn Mendes

Again I wanted to say thank you for all your support and look forward to chapter ten and other chapters. I have been thinking about after Talking Body, making one for Jin and Mi Sun. I want to know what you guys think before I start writing it. Anyways again thank you so much!! *finger hearts*

Talking Body Tag list (Let me know if you want you want to be tagged)
I made a Spotify playlist of these songs. 2 are karaoke versions and some I couldn't find.
that's pretty cool. now you have some music to play while you read. 😁
If you want to do one for Mi Sun and Jin, keep the title 'Talking Body' and just continue on with that because you are adding in the life of the other couple. Does that help you any?
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That's cute! I like it! Then again, will you be featuring the other members and her best friend as well? That's also something to think about.