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안녕하세요 친구

Welcome my lovely Monbebes and soon to be Monbebes.


It's your Monsta x mod supporter here 이솔다 bring you our manly leader Shownu and 7 reasons why to stan/love him.
**Also fair warning this card may/not be lengthy**

첫 번째 이유 (1st reason): Eye smile
<How adorable is his eye smile>

두 번째 이유 (2nd reason): he's a loving dad
<Dad skills on point>

세 번째 이유 (3rd reason): his dance skills
<Dad dancing skills: check>

네 변째 이유 (4th reason): second hand embarrassment
<He knows there's a front camera right???>

다섯 번째 이유 (5th reason): amazing arms
<Totally teddy bear! ♡>

여섯 번째 이유 (6th reason): smoldering gaze
<Strong eyebrows = yas-ness>

일곱 번째 이유 (7th reason): that iconic predebut performance
<Look at that BODY!!>

These are just some of my 7 reasons why to stan/love Shownu Oppa.

-For what reasons do you stan him?? Let me know

안녕 몬배배!!

I love this card! It is BO$$
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him and hyungwon make my day❤
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