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The light rain hit the windows as Ji Su sat looking outside enjoying nice warm cup of coffee. She been up since 5 that morning. Mi Sun was up at 7 leaving with Jin to get some supplies for the next few days. Jimin took his girlfriend to meet his parents with Taehyung in tow. Jimin tried to invite Ji Su to keep Taehyung company. Ji Su refused told them she wanted to walk around the beach.
Ji Su briefly met Jimin’s girlfriend, Reena. She was a shy, cute, short girl who was the same age as Jungkook. Reena hid most of the time behind Jimin. She was nervous and Ji Su wished she could give her some advice, but she didn’t have any at the top on her mind. Taehyung was teasing Reena which didn’t help and Ji Su scolded him saying that it wasn’t nice to make fun of Reena who was nervous.
Shortly after those three left, Ji Su decided to walk down the path that lead to the beach when the rain stopped for a short period. She ran into Namjoon, Yoongi, and Hoseok who were going to head out to explore Busan and they did the same as Jimin did. They invited her and she declined saying she wanted to enjoy the fresh air while walking on the beach. She had a feeling that they knew, but didn’t want to bring it up.
“Watch out for the storm that is supposed to hit. We’ll try and make it back before it hits, but we can’t grantee that. If you need to you can go to the three maknae’s cabin. I think one of them would be there to keep you company.” Namjoon told her expressing his concern about the big storm that was going to hit them later that day.
“Alright Namjoon I’ll keep that in mind. You three go and have fun.” She told them before walking around them to go further down the path. Standing on the beach looking out to miles upon miles of the wide ocean, Ji Su soon forgot all her worries and more about what she wanted for the future. Ji Su wanted to have her men’s line more popular than her women’s line. She wanted to be herself and have the man who was the reason for helping her slowly find herself. She wanted Jungkook.
Ji Su didn’t just want him for the sexual and physical relationship. No, she wanted something more with him, but now she knew that it was impossible. He was hard headed and stubborn. The two days after he ended things, Ji Su sat in her room and thought about why she liked him, how things fell apart, and how she didn’t want to give up. Though being in the same location as him only a distance away made it hard for her to even think of a way to tell him. Telling him how she felt.
Closing her eyes allowing the cool ocean breeze hit her. She stood like that until the down poured of rain came down without a warning. Running back to the cabins she didn’t know which one was hers since the rain made it hard for her to see the numbers. Running up to a porch, Ji Su opened the main door just to be out of the rain. Putting her hands on her knees, Ji Su caught her breath before she looked around. When she did, her eyes met with familiar doe eyes that made her go weak in the knees. Without thinking, Ji Su turned around to walk back out.
“You can stay until the rain lifts.” He spoke while turning the page of a book he was reading. Ji Su stood with her back facing him, debating if she should stay or leave. She heard him close the book he was reading and his foots retreat only to comeback and walking closer to her. Ji Su glanced behind her to see that he had dry clothes in his hand, extended to her. He didn’t say anything knowing what he was saying to her. Hesitantly, she took the clothes and disappeared into the bathroom.
Jungkook stayed where he stood, feeling his wall slowly dissolve with the scent of coconut hint him like a brick wall. He was pissed off at himself and his damn pride. Walking back over to where he was at before she walked in, Jungkook opened his book and did his best to focus on the page he was reading.
After reading the same sentence five times, Jungkook gave up closing the book. Running his hands through his hair frustrated. He couldn’t get the image on her walking in. The look on her face when she met his gaze. She wanted to avoid him. It was written over all over her face. She was willing to walk back into the rain then deal with him.
The bathroom door opened and he glance up to see she was wearing his white t-shirt and her underwear. The breath was knocked out of him seeing how good she looked in his shirt. Sure, he seen her before, but this could not be put into words on how beautiful she looked. He watched her play with the hem of his shirt and her face grew a shade of red. Ji Su walked over to the opposite side of the main room.
She could feel his eyes burn through her. She wasn’t uncomfortable, but it made her nervous. Looking at the books, Ji Su thought that maybe she could read and forget her was there. When she found a book that looked interesting, she went on her tip toes trying to reach it. Without knowing, Jungkook was behind her and reaching up to grab the book she was trying to get. She could feel his body heat radiate off him and the urge to feel him closer to her, to warm her up.
Handing her the book, Jungkook started to walk away, but was stopped by a small hand that was gentle on his wrist. He turned to look at her, seeing her face flushed, eyes red, and her wet hair a mess sticking to her face. The pain in his chest hurt knowing he was the one that made her cry, that he hurt her.
“Thank you.” Ji Su thanked him looking away. Her heart was racing as if it was a race horse was running for its life. That was part of it as her heart was the race horse being stomped on.
“You’re welcome.” He said still standing there watching her. Ji Su let go of his wrist and turned to walk over to one of the couches. Before she could, Jungkook reached out pulling her closer to him. Ji Su looked at him, eyes wide, the book falling out of her grip.
They stood there without speaking, just looking at each other. Both looking for something in each other’s eyes. They both were looking to see if what they both felt for each other matched. Ji Su reached up and place her hand on his right cheek. He closed his eyes, missing her touch, her warmth.
“I love you.” Ji Su whispered and Jungkook’s eye shot back open wide looking at her. Ji Su’s eyes matched his when she realized that she just thought out loud and what she was feeling.
“What did you say?” He asked in a low voice. He knew what she said, but he wanted to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. Ji Su removed her hand and covered her face, embarrassed for what she did. “Ji Su, tell me again on what you said.” Jungkook pleaded with her. She shook her head hiding tears that were escaping. Jungkook took his free hand a removed both her hands. His pride disappeared upon seeing her cry.
Jungkook leaned in and kissed her tears away before looking back at her with is forehead against hers. Ji Su’s tears stopped and her deep sapphire eyes locked to deep smoky gray eyes.
“I’m falling for you, Jungkook.” She said using her mind before blurting out what she was feeling.
“That is not want you said.”
“I-I-I can’t.” She told him looking away, afraid that if she repeated that she loved him, he would laugh or worse, hurt her again.
“Why? Are you scared that I will reject you?” Jungkook asked her and Ji Su’s head moved up and down, nodding yes to what he asked her. He leaned down pecked her lips and then whispered in her ear. “I love you too.” He looked at her in hopes she would tell him without fearing the worse.
Cupping his face, she pulled him down to kiss him. He took that as her reply. Ji Su moved her hands down to his shoulders to the muscles on his biceps stopping at his forearms. Jungkook pulled her closer, kissing her deeper. He started to walk to the nearest couch without breaking the kiss. The backs of her knees hit the edge of the couch and Jungkook helped her slowly lay down on the couch. He hovered over her breaking the kiss to look at her. Her eyes were half closed looked him, lips swollen, chest moving to catch her breath, and he noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra. Smirking he kissed her again, this time slowly and gentle. One arm was wrapped around her while that other moved to her left thigh to hook it around his waist.
The sounds of rain and rumbles of thunder could be heard in the background as the two made out without a care in the world. Jungkook sat up, pulling Ji Su into his lap, removing her shirt and she removed his. Ji Su moved as close as she could, wanting to feel his skin against hers. Jungkook lifted her up and carried her to his room placing her gently on the bed, removing her underwear in the process. Every touch, kiss, and whispers was different from the multiple times that met just for sex and nothing else. This time there was emotion into it, both feeling connected emotionally and physically. The sounds of love where in the air as both were showing how much they loved each other. Jungkook took his time riding her, making her body speak to him. Every touch felt as if their body was on fire, but that didn’t stop them. They were in love and it was as if the fight they had two days ago never happened.
Jungkook and Ji Su laid in bed listening to the raging rain hitting the cabin as candles flickers and the shadows danced on the wall. The lights went out as the storm grew more intense. Though that didn’t bother them as they were in deep thought after making love. Ji Su was in heaven knowing she could not only show how much she loved him, but was able to express it. She knew that this time around was different as he was even more gentle with her and took his time to express his love for her.
Thinking about it, made her smile a true genuine smile. Jungkook played with her hair and then moved down to draw circles on her back. He was thinking what they did was a dream. After their big fight, he felt so sick to what he said to her.
He wanted to apologize to her right then and there. However, his pride took over and he wasn’t going to apologize first. No, he wanted her to do that.
“I have never done the whole relationship thing before.” Jungkook spoke breaking the silence in the room. Ji Su placed her chin on his chest looking up at him. “If we do this whole relationship thing I don’t want you to compare me with that ex of yours.” He told her while looking at her in the eye. He watched her as a small smile appeared.
“I would never do that to you, because I honestly don’t think what I had with him was a relationship. Being with you made me realize that. Also, it doesn’t matter if you have never been in a relationship before. It depends on those who start a relationship and how they build it together to have it last.” Ji Su lifted her head as she spoke.
“Still, I don’t want you to tell me that if I cook something and you tell me that he did a better job or that he was better in bed than I am. I don’t want you to treat me like a child.” He explained more watching her smile grow bigger. “It’s not funny when I am telling you this in a serious manner.” Ji Su sat up straddling him looking down at him face to face, locking her eyes with his handsome doe eyes. Sure, she was smiling as he took it she was not taking this seriously. She was smiling to see that even though he was more mature than the others at times, he was still just as innocent when it came to relationships.
“I am taking this serious.” She told him as his face grew annoyed.
“Then why are you smiling?” he asked.
“Because you are still innocent.”
“But I am not.” He argued.
“That is true.”
“So, what does my innocence have to do with whatever we call this?” Jungkook asked moving his hands between the two.
“For one, you are jealous of a man that was never good in bed. Two he never cooked since he was hardly ever around.” Ji Su explained.
“So, are you saying that I am better than he was in bed?” He asked in a cocky way. Ji Su nodded and turned away knowing she was blushing. He sure knew how to make her blush and her heart race. She felt him sit up and placing on hand on her hip. He leaned back on his free hand with his head cocked to the side.
“W-w-what?” Ji Su stuttered.
“Be mine.” He stated.
“I thought I was already yours after what we just did.” Ji Su smiled confused with him asking for her to be his.
“Be Mine.” He said again little annoyed.
“Is this your way of asking me out?” She asked playing with him.
“Damnit Ji Su, be mine.” Ji Su brushed her lips against his as Jungkook leaned back down against his pillows kissing her back. She broke the kiss and looked at him. Jungkook was nervous thinking that he would be rejected and what they just did was all for nothing. He didn’t know how he would react to losing her once again.
“I’m yours.” She told him, making his heart flutter. Jungkook cupped her face and kissed her in a hungry way. He was so excited that Ji Su agreed to be his. It showed emotionally and physically as she could feel him ready for another round. Ji Su broke the kiss not ready to go for another round. She could feel how score she was even though he was gentle with her.
Jungkook looked at her and whined. She just laughed as she placed her elbows on his chest and looked him. Ji Su took one hand and brushed hair away from his eyes. She loved his eyes, but hated that his now long hair was covering those beautiful eyes of his.
“You need a haircut.” Ji Su stated still playing with his hair.
“Yes, you do. I hate that your hair is covering up those beautiful eyes of yours.” She told him removing her hand liking how she moved his hair to the left side showing his forehead. They stared at each other without saying anything. Jungkook watched as her eyes glittered with happiness to slowly grow distinct. She was in deep thought.
“What are you thinking about?” He asked this time with him brushing her hair away from her face.
“I was thinking how you are the main reason for letting myself be who I was years ago.” She told him.
“Care to share the meaning of that?” He asked curious.
“Years before I met Jae,” Jungkook growled when heard her say his name. “Him, I had a dream to open my own store to showcase all of my clothing lines. My biggest dream was to be known for my men’s line. To be the first Korean woman to have her own men’s line. However, my dream of the men’s line was tucked away while half of my dream was fulfilled.” Ji Su leaned closer to his face barely inches apart. “Meeting you helped me bring the rest of that dream back to life.” She leaned down and kissed him.
If Jungkook could have his way, he would love to just lie in bed and slowly kiss her just like they were doing now. However, to his dismay it would never happen unless their relationship took a step even further, then he would make it once a month they would do nothing but lay in bed.
He broke the kiss this time and took her left hand in his right, loving how her small hand fit in his. She was everything, even more, of his ideal type. She was smaller than him and he liked it. This showed that he could protect her or as much as he loved picking her up, have it were they were always at eye level. Her hair was the color that he liked, long black hair. Though with Ji Su her hair was more of a dark brown than a black. He loved it either way. The more his feelings grew the more he added to his ideal type. Those sapphire eyes of hers, her touch making him feel as if his body was on fire, and how his heart would either race or ache when he would think of her.
He watched her eyes grow distant once again and before he could ask her what she was thinking again she beat him to it.
“I’m curious about something?” She asked him as she slide off to his right side. Jungkook placed his right hand on her hip not wanting to lose her warmth.
“I’m listening?” He placed his left arm behind his head waiting to hear what she was going to ask.
“Who told you that I was supposedly pregnant?” She asked him, feeling his hand on her hip tighten and then loosen the grip.
“I received an anonymous letter telling me that you were and that you saw me as a child. I will admit that I let my emotions over take me, when I should have sat down with you to asked.” He explained to her.
Ji Su outlined his chest before she spoke. “Just to let you know, if I do become pregnant with your child I would tell you in person, and that I won’t have plans to get rid of our baby. Also, with you supposedly being a kid is one of your charms.” She told him without looking at him.
Ji Su yawned before laying down on his side, putting her head on his chest. He watched her struggle to stay awake only to lose the battle letting sleep take over. Grabbing the blankets so they both could be warm. Jungkook took what she said and chuckled while pulling her closer, he realized that he was not going to lose her anytime soon. No, he was going to love her in the end of the earth.

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