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Anyone have Kakaotalk or Whatsapp that wants to be friends??? My KKT is Maryyx And you can message me right on here for my Whatsapp or you can send me yours! If you want to ask me questions message me on here!! a short Bio! Let's chat and become friends! I have like no real life kpop friends, or anime or like any that share similar interests :( -such a pity- •I love Got7, Day6, BTS, SF9 and moreeeee •I watch KDramas and Anime •I'm 16 -almost 17- •I live in the US •I'm Korean // Currently learning Korean •My name is Mary -now- My birth name is Park Miju //which I actually prefer but call me which ever :) •I'm a Junior in High School •Memes are legit life •I'm a dancer 💃🏻 If we share similar hobbies or interests or even not you can still message me or drop your id down in the comments! LETS CHAT😘