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Previously on Jay Park Birthday Bash Weekend...

( @Starbell808 / Bonnie's)

It was your loving boyfriends birthday and you wanted to have a huge weeked bash. You asked Simon and Gray for some help in planning a few of things you wanted to do.
So on Friday morning you woke up next to Jay staring at you lovingly. Him knowing you had started to plan something for him. He was trying hard to get some details out of you.
"Please babe tell me what is going on."
Sticking his TONGUE at you. All you could do is giggle and shake you head at him. Having started breakfast after getting washed up and out of bed you made one of his favorites pancakes and bacon. He did have to go in to the studio for a bit but not for long. Gray was to thank for getting him out of the house.
Simon came over right after he seen Jay leave. Gladly you knew he was coming and made a bit extra cause you know he would have whined about being hungry. The plan for tonight was kind of a huge party at one of his favorite clubs. With everyone he knew in the music industry.
Meanwhile at the studio Jay was trying hard to get any info he could from anyone there. Gladly they kept their mouth shut. Gray had called him to ask for some help. Later on at the club setting last minute things up. You get a text from Gray saying they are almost there.
Tellin everyone that he was on his way. They got ready to surprise him. Wearing that outfit he had bought and loved on you. He had you glued to his side the whole night. By the end of the night both you & him were a bit tipsy and doing shots. And listening to that little naughty voice in your head and the dare to do body shots.
You end up licking the salt off his ABS

( @LiyahBoon / Liyah's)

After the third or fourth body shot you lean back adoring Jay's now saliva covered chest. You may have gotten a little carrried away. You wipe your mouth with the back of your hand and look up at your boyfriend. "I swear your ABS are the sweetest" you say just barely slurring your words.
For a moment the two of stare at one another before you burst into a fit of giggles.
"Baby girl,you are so cheesy" he says after the fits of laugher die down. He gets up off the table and grabs your hand. "Let's go get some fresh air" he says before pulling you through the crowd of people.
Once outside the two of you stand side by side on the balcony looking out at the sky. Everything seems much more clearer to you now that you aren't surrounded by the loud party music and crowd of bodies. You look to over at Jay, your wonderful boyfriend of many years. He has matured so well you think to yourself. Your eyes sweep over his body, admiring him from his cute and charming face to the nice designer shoes he has on.
You are so lost in your own world that you dont know that you dont notice when Jay turns to look back at you.
"Hey, what are you thinking about? " he ask, his voice pulling you back to reality. You blush at being caught for staring so long but then you step closer to him, looping your arms around his neck. You lean up on your tipytoes placing a quick kiss on his lips before replying, " I was just wondering how I got such an amazing, loving, charming, and oh so SEXY boyfriend"

( @RoyalPandaJedi / Reis)

Jay smiled at you with that SEXY smirk, that always triggered chills to roll down your spine. "I have been thinking the same thing about you babygirl. How did I score such a beauty? You've been by my side since I started all of this too." You couldn't help but giggle, as he looked back into the club.
"How about we get out of here. So I can cherish the best birthday gift I could ever get?"
You blinked at him, as you're fuzzy memory recall all of Jay's birthday gifts he gotten today. He left you curious as to what gift he was talking about. He just took your hand, and guilded you out of the club. You two left without really telling anyone, though you did text Simon that Jay was taking you both home. Jay was even playing smart and called for an uber.
Simon text back that you should make sure to have condoms on hand. You just chuckled, as your dork of handsome boyfriend looked over at your phone. Her snatched it out your hand, gaining your attention. "No phones for the rest of the night. You're mine tonight baby girl." Jay winked at before taking you back into the condo you two shared together.
As you took off your shoes, an arm snaked around your waist, startling you a bit, since you were still under the influence.
"Baby girl, why don't you let me cherish you tonight. May I have a birthday lap DANCE tonight?"

( @MarrickeJ33/ MJ)

I turned around to face him and snaked my arms around his neck. He had a smile spread across his face as he brought me closer to him. He knew what he was doing to me. His smile was my drug and it was so intoxicating. I swayed my hips just a little against his and tilted my head to the side so I could whisper in his ears.
“Lap DANCE? Baby, for you I will do any and everything you want. For my sexy birthday boy, your wish is my command.” I whispered in his ear as I moved my hip in a slow circular motion against his crotch.
“Baby girl, why you gotta tease me like that.”
I chuckled as I grabbed his hand and beckoned him forward towards the sofa, having him to take a seat and make sure he was comfortable and ready for what was going to happen.
“You ready?” I said seductively and watched him lick his lips in response. I turned on the music and played my baby’s song ‘Do What We Do’. He wiggled his eyebrows and a smirk appeared across my face. His gaze was so intense that it was stirring something inside of me. Moving my body to the music I stood there so he could watch me dance, as I slowly rolled my body and swayed my hips. Walking towards him, I reached him and slowly placed my hands on his knees and moved them up his muscular thighs and back down. Then placing my hand in between his legs, I push them open so I could slide in and work my magic.
I move my hands back up his thigh and push him back gently against the couch as I give him a slow and soft kiss on his lips while rolling my body into his. He licked his lips, as I slowly turned around in between his legs and moved my hips from side to side as I sank down lower and lower. And came back up grinding my ass into his crotch. Popping my ass and rotating it in a circle, I could feel him readjust his body on the couch. He always loved when I did the ticking motion any time I gave him a lap dance. I ticked my body more and then I rolled my ass into his crotch several times. I dipped back down again and did a bounce so I could pop my ass slowly in the squat position.
"Damn, baby girl. What are you doing to me?”
I could only chuckle because I was going to give him everything he wanted tonight. I turned around to face him with a smile on my face as I noticed just how hard he was getting. As I straddled his lap, he sat up straighter and tried to place his hands on my waist. I lightly slapped his hands away only to received a smirk and puppy dog eyes from him.
"Naughty naughty… No touching.. Not yet” I said.
I placed my hands on his firm chest and crept them all the way up to be linked around his neck. I slowly pushed my hips forwards and then back and with each movement I was popping and ticking. He was licking his lips even more and then I placed a soft kiss on his neck, then his collarbone, and back to those lips of his where I softly bit at the bottom one. Mmm he tasted good. I did one last rotation as I pulled off his shirt to expose his abs.
“I have a special treat for you. Are you ready?”
“Yea baby, I’m ready.”
I get up and walk into the kitchen to pull out the strawberries and whip cream. Before heading back I pulled off my dress, only leaving me in my red lace underwear set. I walked back to the sofa and his eyes popped out of his head.
“Whip cream and STRAWBERRIES?!?!” I said with a sly smile on my face.

( @FromBlue2U / Blue Eye)

**Jay's POV**
"Strawberries!? My baby brought out the strawberries and whipped cream?! Damn! Happy Birthday to ME!", I thought to myself while watching Baby Girl walk over to me in that red lingerie set. When she came closer, she says, "Let's play a game, Papi. It's called 'No Hands'. And it's played just like you are thinking. You ready, babe?" Baby Girl is truly my soulmate.
"Anything Baby Girl. What you need me to do?", looking at her like she is a midnight snack.
"First, I need you take off my bra and panties for me without using your hands."
"Yes ma'am!", I exclaimed. When she turned around I had to figure out how to undo the bra closure without my hands. Using my teeth and tongue, I worked that clasp apart, but not without gentle bites and licks on her spine. The moans she was making any time I ran my tongue up her spine made my pants tighter and tighter. Man this is going to be fun!
After I got the clasp undone using my teeth, I slowly walked around her body to take her bra completely off, and got the greatest surprise of my lifetime.
"BABY GIRL!!! WHAT ARE THESE!?!" I damn near shouted at her. She just laughed at me.
"Part of your present, Papi! They are nipple clamps."
My jaw dropped. "Mami, you had these on all night? Under your clothes?!" I felt my heartbeat pick up at the thought of her wearing them all night at the party. And I felt my pants tighten even more.
"Yes Papi. I have been wearing them since I got dressed for your party", said Baby Girl as she smiled at me wickedly. She had the look of a cat that just ate the canary. I arched an eyebrow at her, and knew there was more to this wonderful surprise.
"Mami, what aren't you telling me?" Baby Girl started to giggle in that musical way that makes me want to live inside her forever. She comes closer.
"It's a set Jay."
"Yes, I see that. It's beautiful. So are the clamps", I say as I stare at her beautiful breasts with my new favorite type of jewelry. She giggles some more while going up on her toes to whisper in my ear, "Papi, there is a third clip."
Giving her a puzzled look, I question," Where would the third clamp-- OH SHIT! WORD!?"
She licked her lips and smiled. "The only way you are going to know for sure is if you keep playing the game." As she said this, Baby Girl took the whipped cream and covered the nipple clamps completely, along with some of my other favorite places to lick on her. I stared in awe of this woman who, after all this time, continues to surprise me. I must have been staring at her too long.
"Well, Mr. Park. Continue so we can use these strawberries", Baby Girl instructed.
I licked my LIPS as I proceeded to look for that third clamp without using my hands.

You lick your lips in anticipation as you waited on Jay to find that third clip. A turned on Jay then started to kiss one side of your cheek, then the other. He then took a strawberry and started rubbing it across your lips. You took a bite of the strawberry, which turned out to be the juiciest. A bit of the juice dribbled down from your lips and Jay licked it off your face. "Uuummmmm, tasty", he said as he continued to lick your face. You giggled as he started to move towards your neck.
He tried to reach for your face, but you swatted his hands way. "Ah, ah, ah!! Remember, you can't use your hands," you said. Jay gave a small pout, but then a smirk came across his face. Jay then started to kiss and lick down on your neck. Your body shivered as he sucked your most sensitive part. Your hand went up to his hair and you grabbed tightly as he kissed on your collarbone. Jay then moved down to one of your nipple clamps. He then remove one and started to suck on it. You arched your back and instantly started to grind on him. "Baby, can I please have one of my hands on you? I don't know if I can resist not touching you?" Jay ask. You stopped your movements and got off of him while you pondered over his small request. You then gave him a seductive smile as you grab the controller to the stereo to change the music.

(@Babydollbre /Bre)

You then gave him a seductive smile as you grab the controller to the stereo to change the music. Something slow and sensual came on and you licked your lips,

"I'll tell you what, you can use one hand-"

He went to reach out to you and you backed up tutting,

"No, you can only use one hand when you've found the other clamp." you smiled.

"Baby you're teasing me, I'm the birthday boy." he whined.

"I know baby but I think you'll enjoy this. I'll give you a hint where it is."

You pulled his face close to your naked breast and he kissed the valley between them before looking up. You said,

"Very cold."

He kissed down your stomach and came to your belly button. His tongue circling around the holemaking you bite your lip.

"Warmer." you whispered.

He looked up at you and smiled bigger. That pretty smile of his, he could be turning fifty and still look like a little prince with that smile. He moved down lower reaching just between your legs.

"You're burning hot." you smiled when he saw it.

He came to your clit catching the clamp in his mouth and carefully pulling it off of you. You had to admit the clamp being pulled off was a big relief.

"How in the world did you have that on all night baby?" he said.

"It takes some getting used to I'll tell you that but after a while it feels really good. Especially in the car, when it moves a certain way, it's like electrcity. " you said bringing your nails to lightly graze his chest.

He grinned and stood up tall wrapping his arm around your body and then coming down to crash his lips on top of yours. He kissed you hard and hungrily as he walked you back to the bed. The back of your leg hit the edge and you fell back with him coming over top of you. He looked you in the eyes happily,

"You're so good to me baby." he said

His fingers came to your heat and you shuddered with a light moan,

"Wait, Jay- I'm supposed to be taking care of you." you said.

You flipped over so you were on top of him and yanked at his pants. He looked down at you in surprise. You licked your lips while you undid his pants and pulled his boxers down a little. You pulled his large member out to come and play and bit your lip before looking up at Jay. Jay was looking down at you with full blown pupils and he licked his lips. You could see he was ready. You teased him a little just giving his tip a little lick in the same spot. You licked him like a kitten trying to test their food. Then your mouth covered his tip and his head rolled back with a groan escaping his throat. You let your tongue swirl around his head and then took him deeper, you pushed him all the way back to your throat and then came back up and sucked just at the top while your hand paid attention to the parts that weren't in your mouth. You took him to the back of your throat again and kept him there for a moment before you had to come back up for air.

"Oh- fuck baby!"

You spread your spit around his hardness, making him more slick than before. You went down on him again and his hand went into your hair. His head was back while he guided you down on him at the pace he wanted. You were slurping him up and your hand made it between your legs to play with your clit. You rolled circles over the nub at the same pace you were sucking him off.

"Fuck baby girl. Your mouth is so good." he groaned

You stayed down on him again and let your tongue cradle his length, you slightly moved it as much as you could and then pushed up to catch air. He sat up and came down to kiss you hard. His lips ate up yours and he pulled you over top of him. He looked at you,

"I need both my hands baby. I need to hold you." he said.

"It's so easy to make you give in."

"You've teased me a lot baby girl."

"I'm all yours Jay. Hold me as tight as you want." you said.

He wrapped his other arm around you and you fixed him to meet your entrance. You sank down on him moaning as you did. You started to move up and down riding him. His arms held onto you while you kept up your pace. Your hands stayed on his shoulders while you moved and he aided you. He groaned at the way you rode him. You pushed him down on his back and kept moving. He held onto your hips with both his hands biting his bottom lips as he did.

"Fuck. Keep this up baby girl and we'll be building a family." he chuckled through a soft moan.
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