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Hello beautiful ARMY's !! Today's theme is BTS AS BTS SONGS! It took me a LONG time to think about this and make this card but here is what i came up with! Enjoy! β™‘


This song was actually written with Hobi in mind! The high energy of this song matches our hyper ball of sunshine perfectly!
RAP MONSTER: Converse High

Rap Mon has mentioned how much he LOVES red hightop Converse *on his ideal type..etc.* And wears them from time to time. This song def has a Rap Mon vibe to it! He even has a solo version of this song.

Suga has always had a powerful stage presence and Cypher Pt.3 matches his badass persona perfectly! Powerful person, powerful song. This song also showcases his amazing rapping skills.
JIN: Lost

This song reminded me of Jin because of how much he has changed as a person. It seems that he has truly found himself. He even stated that these days he feels like he is showing ARMY his true self.

Jimin is from Busan and isn't afriad to show it! He has used his busan accent on multiple occasions and it's so charming! He even started a V Live segment to teach people dialect. Even though this song is about mutliple dialects it has always reminded me of Jimin.

Taehyung can go from 0 to 100 and is the walking definition of extra. Because of this it could have people wondering where this cutie really came from.
JUNGKOOK: Born Singer

There is no other way to describe him other than a born singer. He gave up his youth and worked extreamly hard to become a singer. Our shy kookie broke out of his shell and became the amazing singer he is today.

That's the end of today's themed card! Look forward to all the amazing cards today! We encourage you to make cards of your own and don't forget to vote May 1st ! I will be posting a link! Have a beautiful rest of the day!! β™‘

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These are perfect! Born Singer makes me cry every time, I swear, maybe its because im also a singer, but its so heartfelt.
Aww ☺
I was thinking more along the lines of whalien for V XD
all these songs match them so perfectly. Boyz with Fun I really get into by just listening to it.