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Sorry this card is a little late today but here is the next chapter!!

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Need a recap? Or new to the series? I gotchu covered~

Day 25 | Trouble

Jimin and I ran around the corner of the house, our hearts starting to beat fast. We didn't know what to expect when we turned. More zombies? Someone hurt? But when we finally got there it was way worse than we imagined.

Jae was on the ground, grunting in pain as he held his leg. It was only then that I saw that he had been shot. My eyes widened in fear and that is when I saw the one thing worse than zombies in the apocalypse.


It was a man with three others, holding guns at all of us. And the worst part, the guy in the front was holding Bomi close to him, pointing the gun at her head.

"Oh look, more of ya," He said in a country-like accent. I was pissed. I really just wanted to rush him and beat him up but I knew that wouldn't end well. Jimin could sense what I was thinking and grabbed me by the wrist as if saying, 'Don't'. It was at this time that everyone had come out to see what had happened. My father swore under his breath wanting to do the same thing I was thinking.
"Well, well, well," The man ticked with his tongue, smiling. "Look what we have here. There's a whole lot of yall!" He laughed, not even intimidated at how he was clearly outnumbered. 

"And there are some pretty ones," One of the guys said behind him, licking his lips as if we were his prey. It took everything I had not to kick him right then and there.

"What do you want?" My father yelled. 

"Ah come on. Can't we just be friendly?" He said, forcing the gun even harder into Bomi's head. She gasped and I started to run at him when Jimin caught me. "Oh, someone's fiesty!!" He said, looking straight at me. 

"Av, calm down. This won't help," Jimin whispered in my ear. I knew he was right but I couldn't help it. They had my freaking sister at gun point. What the hell was I supposed to do? Sit back and do nothing? Like hell.

"Well, since it seems like we can't be all civilized like normal people," He started. "I guess we will just get what we came for." He continued, looking over at the field of crops. "We want half of your crops. And maybe even some of the guns I know you folks probably have stashed somewhere." He added on, clearly knowing what he was doing. 

Everyone glanced at each other, understanding that we didn't have any choice in the matter. 

"Oh," He started again. "And we want that girl over there," He said, gesturing towards me. "I like her fighting spirit," He said, the others snickering behind him. My heart started to race at the thought. I knew why they wanted me and... it wasn't pretty. 

Jimin moved in front of me, blocking me from their view. "No," He said. "You can't take her." He stated. My eyes widened at his sudden courage when the guy started to become upset.

"Oh really boy? Because we are the ones making the orders around here, not the other way around. Either we get the food, guns, and the girl or this little one here has an 'accident'," He squeezed Bomi even tighter, making tears fall from her eyes. I knew then what I had to do. What I promised to do when our mother died - to never let anything happen to her.

"Fine." I yelled, moving from behind Jimin. "I don't care what the hell you do with me just let her go first." I agreed, and the four guys smiled creepily.

"Ahh, see? This isn't so bad. Maybe we can be civil after all," He said, releasing Bomi from his arms. She instantly ran towards me and I hugged her tightly, thankful that she was okay. "Now come here sweetheart. Can't have you going back on your word now." I looked up and let go of Bomi. I started to head towards them when I was stopped once more. I turned around to see Jimin, terrified. I was scared as hell too but if I could prevent something from happening, I would do it. For anyone here.

I gave him a small smile as I shook off his wrist, the warmth of his hand still lingering as I headed towards the strangers. I stopped right in front of him, staring coldly into his eyes. He brought his hand up to touch my face and it took everything I had not to kick him where it hurts. He suddenly brought his head closer to mine, whispering into my ear.

"We sure are gonna have some fun with you," He teased, licking the side of my face right after. I was completely disturbed by the four in front of me but I knew it had to be this way. He then grabbed me and brought me towards his chest.

"Alright then! We just need the rest of our things and then we will be on-"

Right before he could finish, a gun went off in the distance, placing a bullet in him square in the face. His arms around me grew limp and when he fell to the ground, dead, I feel like I could breathe again.

I quickly turned around to see who shot the gun to see Taehyung. I was surprised. Guess the farm boy is a good shot, I thought. 

"Now," He yelled from across the distance. 

"Who's next?"


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