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Back Again on this day to bring the next Card to the Chanyeol Game. You'll pick your corsage to find out what dress and how he picks you up for the prom!

The day of prom came and you're super excited about the day. You knew that the first part of the day was dedicated to getting your hair done and getting ready and tonight you would see Chanyeol. At the salon you explained your dress to the stylist and suggested having your hair pinned up in curls and she even put a few sparkle clips in. The girl also did your make up and made you look beautiful. Looking at yourself in the mirror you barely could recognize yourself, excitement bubbled in you. As you were leaving the stylist told you whoever you were going with was one lucky boy, heh if only she knew who it actually was! The time rolled to an hour before the dance and you sat with your parents waiting for the doorbell to ring. Your parents wanted to take pictures of your special night, and for that you couldn't have been more happy, proof that this was actually happening. The door bell rang and you jumped in your seat than stood up and went to answer the door. Chanyeol stood there looking extremely handsome and shy as he held out flowers to you. “U/N you look beautiful” Chanyeol said scanning you from head to toe. A blush tinted your cheeks at the compliment.

Scenerio 's

Scenario 1.

Scenario 2.

scenario 3

Comment below the corsage you picked!

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