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Who: Reader x Oh Mintaek
What: AU/ Smut (+18 )
Story: The Mark binds you to him so no matter where he goes he can find you. After three years of freedom he comes to take you back.

Mintaek's POV

He was sure it was the fact that he had drank her blood that made him lose himself. He hadn't drank from her in a while and the fresh memory of her blood was a high that he hadn't had in a while. Admittedly, he probably shouldn't have let himself go so far with her. Tying her arms without permission and sleeping with her was a bad idea. Well, he wasn't really against sleeping with her again. He loved it, the taste of her on his lips again, her sweet scent the way she moaned into the room even when she was trying to resist him. Her body rolling into the pleasure he was granting her. All those things he missed, all those things he could've replayed for hours in his head. He had made love to her until she was so worn down from fighting the sex that she fell asleep after a third round. He curled up beside her and let her head rest on his chest. Every slight movement she made he wondered if she'd wake up pissed that she was laying on top of him like she used to do. She used to curl up close to him and wrap her arms around him though she couldn't understand why he was always so cold. She had adventure in her soul and her life was back on Earth but he couldn't let her go, not again. He couldn't leave her on Earth alone either he masked her Mark enough so that other Vampires and Wolves couldn't smell her or see the Mark themselves but that was a hard thing to do and for it to be three years was even harder.

He watched how she seemed to move on from him after a while. He had come to visit her, to watch her from a distance and she knew he was near but he watched how she ran in the fields of Jeju island, happy and free in the sunlight. She didn't smile here the same way she smiled back then. He wanted her again too, he wanted to taste her and touch her the way he used to do. He wanted to hold her for hours the way he would when he came to visit her at her home. She had always talked about wanting to be his wife. She talked about wanting to spend a future with him. She wanted to be his. The night of the full moon something happend to him. He became more impatient than normal, he became upset, hungry, he was running dry trying to keep from drinking from anyone else. He was in love with her and he had no idea how he was going to tell her what he was. He just had one resort, one last ditch effort to bring her to him, to show her the world she would be apart of when he married her. The night she took his Mark was the night she turned away from him. It was like she had found out that he had been cheating on her for a year and her heart closed up. She was the only woman for him, he couldn't have anyone else. It wasn't in their fate to be apart but she hated it here and the more she fought him the more frustrated he became. She had let that guy kiss her and he could smell him all over her which was why he kept sleeping with her until his scent had comepletely drowned under his own. She should've only smelled like him because she belonged to him. She just wouldn't be with him. She was refusing to love him back even though he knew she did. He could feel it, she was locking it up and masking it well but there were certain points it came out that he could feel it. He knew that she still loved him.

Hyun Jung said that he had to earn her trust back and he wasn't even sure where to begin with that. She would only keep fighting him and they would never seem compatible. His entire life would be chasing after her and her running away from him. She wouldn't allow him to feed from her, she didn't like the bite but the bite was what was supposed to connect them more. It was supposed to be a special thing between the two of them. She understood more about the Vampire customs of the Society than any one was giving her credit for. She knew very well what she was doing, she knew about the dangers she was surrounded by. She knew the Grand Elders didn't like her, she knew the Vampires hated her attitude, she knew the Humans that bore Marks hated her for being able to refuse other Vampires. How was he supposed to get through to her? No one was going to magically like her and as long as she closed her heart up to everyone she would never be happy here. He needed to find something for her. He turned his head to look at her asleep on his chest. She had been up all night in her world. He kissed her forehead gently and slipped out of bed as swiftly as he possibly could. He went and took a shower and changed into his new clothes and came out to see her sitting up and looking at a knife in her hand. She was moving it around for a moment before she looked at the window and then suddenly threw the knife at the window. It stuck into the wall and she walked over to it to pull her knife out of the wall. He could see something on the end of it.

A fly.

At least after the three years gone she hadn't lost her fighting skills. Her accuracy was on point as usual. She turned to look at him standing by the bathroom staring at her. He smiled at her, she rolled her eyes and looked away.

"I want a different room. One away from you." she said.

His heart sank but he should've known one night of stolen passion wasn't going to make her love him again.

"I can't do that." he said.

"Then I'll sleep out in the hall next time."

"Y/n stop doing this, I'm trying." he said

"Trying what? To drive me insane? You pulled me through the Whirlpool against my will, this is your fault." she hissed.

"We made a deal you knew I was coming back for you."

"Not yesterday, I'm talking about the first time. You pulled me through kicking and screaming."

"You were being hunted." he defended.

"Because you Marked me."

"All the more reason for me to protect you."

"By forcing me to stay in a prison? You marked me without asking me, you did it out of your own selfishness. You only saw what you wanted without giving me a choice. You're trying to say that you brought me here for my own protection but you wouldn't have had to protect me if you had just let me choose for myself." She yelled.

He knew that. He knew all of that but he also couldn't even begin to think what his life would be like without her. While he was asleep he had dreamt of her, he had seen her, he had loved her. He saw her as a child, a little baby in the arms of her mother. He saw her growing up and having her brothers pick on her like siblings do then defending her when anyone tried to hurt her. He saw how witty she became and how when ever she was annoyed she became harsh and cold towards someone. She had so much energy and love for life and his rash decisions had put her in a place where didn't really want it anymore. She loved to discover things, she looked at alot of alchemy. He was connected to her even before his Mark was gifted to her. She would've been in danger either way, she would've been in his world either way but she thought there was another way to break it to her. She should've had the choice but he was just too afraid she would've said no.

"If I had told you would you still be mine? We were talking about getting married and kids."

She looked away at the mention of kids. She didn't like to talk about it. That pregnancy test he found that said positive and then he came to find out that it was false. It was only a mistake. She was excited about it and then somehow started to ignore him when he asked her about the possibility of trying when they were married. She started saying things like 'don't get your hopes up' or 'I'll never be ready for kids'. Ever since that mix up she'd turned her heart away from having a family with him. She started saying she only wanted to be with him and nothing more, nothing less.

"If I had told you, would you still have stayed with me?"

"No." she said still looking away from him.

"Face me and say that."

She looked at him and said,

"None of it matters now. You're still a Vampire and I'm still marked and right now the only thing you can do for me is the very thing you're refusing to do and that's take back the damn curse you gave me."

"I'm never leaving you Y/n." he said.

"I wish we had never met." she said stinging him.

He looked away not being able to take it. He went back into the bathroom and closed the door. He looked at himself in the mirror. She didn't mean it. She never meant any of the things she said she was just talking out of anger. She was just upset at him for making her come here, she was upset at him for marking her without permission but she didn't mean that she wished they never met. She didn't mean that she didn't love him; she was just upset.

She was just upset.

No matter how many times he told himself that he still couldn't figure a way out to help her understand the situation. He just wanted her to be more comfortable but he had no idea how he was supposed to do that. He thought back to the first day he met her. She was in the cafe eating, she was reading about those statues in China. She had no idea that he was completely serious about the souls of the damned inside the soldiers but she had played along anyway. She liked that he was weird and he could tell that she did. He saw her smile for the first time at him and his heart did a back flip amazed at how just that small gesture could make him feel so much warmth. All the things he'd been dreaming of, their life together, her life growing up. He loved her in his sleep but he fell in love with her the moment he saw her smile in real life for the first time. He couldn't hold back the urge to reach out to touch her lips and then lean in to give her a kiss. It surprised her but she went for it anyway. Most times she was all for trying something new, she would go with the wind. Her lips were soft but she tasted like the strawberry cream cheese she had spread on her bagel. She seemed innocent and delicate. He knew of the few men that broke her heart before he showed up. He knew the one that took her first time. He regretted being asleep and not knowing her then but she was so good when they were first together. He let her tell him all the little details of her life even though he had seen most of them. He woke up from his slumber on his own even though Hyukwoo was supposed to come and get him. He came out of the hiding area and when he had found her she was already twenty-one and studying to be an archaeologist. She wanted a Phd and she was willing to work for it. Bringing her here meant she had to give up on those dreams.

He had finally calmed down and walked out of the room and saw that she was coming back into the room.

"Where did you get the clothes?" he asked.

She had a red wine colored corset top that had no straps and showed her stomach. She was wearing black leather pants and black boots with laces that went all the way up her shin. She had two black arm bands on her arms and he could see his Mark beautifully printed into her skin. She looked at him then looked away without a word. He sighed,

"Will you at least tell me where you went?"

"Across the hall to take a shower." she said.

"With Angel and Kal in the room?"

"She was the only one in there. He told her to stay so she did just like a good little puppy. I often wonder why you call me a Puppy. Hyun Jung has it more accurate. Kitten, I'm way more independent then any other human here. They're all submitting to masters." she looked like that pissed her off.

Mintaek stepped into the room and tried to get closer to her. She looked up at him and looked him up and down. She stared at him with very little emotion in her eyes.

"Don't ever do that to me again." she said.

He nodded.

"I'm sorry." he apologized.

She was right, he shouldn't have done that without her giving him permission. Mintaek was always taking things from her without asking, without seeing if she was okay. It made sense why she was closing him off. He wasn't validating how she felt he was ignoring it because of how he felt. Hyun Jung said he had to gain her trust. That was hard for him because he already knew her. She didn't know him the way he knew her though. She didn't know how he grew up and how he loved his parents. She didn't know that he used to chase Hyun Jung around and tug at her hair and as they grew up she started fighting him back. They trained together until she got tired of learning how to fight and wanted to act more like a princess. She didn't know how much he loved his world but how much her world had interested him because she lived there. She didn't know much except for what he told her when they were first dating. She knew little stuff but not major stuff: she knew his powers and his anger but she didn't know the things he really loved. She didn't know the things he really loved about her. She didn't know the reason behind the war between the Wovles or why she was so important to him. He slowly raised his hand to touch her cheek and she didn't recoil. She didn't even step back she just looked at him with nearly lifeless eyes. He brought his hand down to meet hers and he said,

"There's some where I want to take you." he said.

"I'm not going to that training hall. I hate it there it smells like a bunch of sweaty beasts." she said.

He shook his head,

"No that's not where we're going. Please just come with me." he said.

He pulled her along she sighed but walked beside him. She didn't look at him as they walked down the seemingly endless hall. They passed doors that were open and Vampires came out of their rooms at the scent of her. They were all amazed that she was back. She was back after three years of being away. She hadn't run away and they had known that, they had know he let her go but they didn't know that she was going to come back. They finally came up to large dark wooden doors with golden intricate designs outlining it. He pushed open the doors for her and they walked in. She looked around with wide eyes. She had only spent most of her time in the training room when they were getting her ready for a tournament so this was the first time she had seen their library. He could feel her heart racing and he smiled softly. The little things got to her. The only indication on the outside that she was excited about being in this large library was that her eyes had gotten wider. She walked deeper into the Library looking around at all the books that were surrounding her. Shelf after Shelf of so many ancient texts about wars, foods, land marks, rules of the Society and a Master's relationships with their Markers. She was thrilled to see all of them. She walked over to the bookcase and let her finger run over the spines of multiple books. He first met her when her head was in a book he should've known to bring her here first but he was glad he brought her here now. She could spend hours in here and never want to come out. He only had to come to her to take her back to the bedroom or drink from her. She saw the large staircase that led to the top floor of the Library and slowly started making her way up them. She looked around amazed at the vast amount of books that filled up the room. He smiled bigger thinking she was so beautiful when she looked at the place in bewilderment. She was entierly curious about what was inside these books. What subject she could go for first? What text would Mark out places she wanted to see? She wanted to see them too so he had to becareful about her trying to sneak off to see them herself.

She had made it to the top floor and he couldn't see her anymore. He walked up the steps to see her in front of a bookcase holding a book that said Halflings. Baby Vampires that were both human and Vampire. She stared at the book and then put it back. She turned and walked off wanting nothing to do with it. She went deeper into the room past the shelves and came to the section that marked out magics and alchemy.

"I thought Vampires strayed from magics." she said looking into the book.

"That doesn't mean we shouldn't learn about them." he said.

"I heard Vampires can't protect themselves from magic but they believe the royal bloodline had it. That you have it, that whole set shit on fire when you're pissed deal." she said.

He nodded,

"I'm not sure about it myself but I don't have a lot of time to read anyway. These past three years the Grand Elders have been trying to train me to master that power so that I can take over."

She scoffed,

"Great more pressure there. First the Marker of the Prince then the Marker of the ruler. I can't wait to see how people react to that."

"They won't say a word." he said.

"You can't protect me forever and you can't force them to deny how they feel Mintaek. They know I don't belong here." She closed the book and set it back and walked past him.

"And we both know they're right." she said.

"Y/n stay here. In the Library. You like to read so I'm giving you this place instead of having to train." he said.

She stopped and slowly turned around to look at him. She crossed her arms and looked at him hard.

"Why would you do that?" she said.

"I'm trying Y/n I am. I want you to see that this place isn't as bad as you think. It's my home. It can be yours too."

"My home is on Earth."

"This place could be your home too though. You could explore the landmarks here. Tell me where you'd like to go and what you'd like to see and I can take you there. I know you love books and you love to explore so just- just come here when you don't want to be with me and then call for me when you want me to come and get you." he said.

"You won't bother me till then?" she asked.

He shook his head.

"You won't spy on me either or have anyone check up on me?"

He shook his head again. She sighed and looked around. She didn't really want to leave anyway and he knew that. He didn't have to be connected to her to know that. She shrugged and said,


She walked over to the other side of the top floor and began to look up at the bookshelves wondering what was in them. He carefully watched her as he headed to the top of the steps to leave her there while he finished some business with the Elders. He stopped once he made it to the third step. He wondered if he let her visit her world more often would she warm up to him. Would she begin to trust and love him again. One step at a time, he supposed. He was happy she liked the library but she was still just as cold to him and he knew it wasn't going to be fixed in a day. Half Fae or not she was still human and she still grew up on Earth so she would act how she was raised. That was something he was starting to understand, something the others had to understand as well. She had more power than any of them was aware of...
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