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Hello beautiful ARMYs Violet here filling in for @Bangtanss ! This weeks theme is " 7 Times He.." Without further ado, 7 Times Jin Blessed Us With His Hand Kisses! ♡

1). Pink Haired Jin hand kisses!

2). Newly debuted Jin hand kisses!

3). Hand kisses from the jungle!

4). Hand kisses from Hello Counselor !

5). Hand kisses from SBS !

6). Hand kisses during Fire promotions!

7). Hand Kisses from LA Kcon! ♡

That's the end of this card hopefully you have been blessed by this adorable dork & his hand kisses. ♡

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I love my baby!
Y'know what I like about Jin's hand kisses? For the most part he doesn't pucker up. I think that adorable
😍 I get so shy everything he gives those hand kisses of his.
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yes it is lol