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Hello wonderful ARMY!!!
Today is day three of our BTS BBMAs Countdown Community Event!!

▪◇BTS as BTS Songs◇▪

These are just the songs that remind me of each of the members. ♡


"2! 3!"

"It’s okay come on when I say one two three forget it Erase all sad memories Hold my hand and smile"
Jungkook cares so much for his hyungs. His solo song "Begin" is entirely about them. "2! 3!" Reminds me of him because of how much he just wants his hyungs to be happy.

▪ V ▪


"Even if I live for a day I’ll have no regrets Let’s jump"
Taehyung lives life his way. He doesn't care if he looks weird or what other people think about him. There will always be BTS, ARMY and his family that love him. ♡


"Dead Leaves"

"The dead leaves fall down like tears The wind blows and everything drifts apart all day The rain pours and shatters"
This song just sounds like Jimin. I always imagine him dancing solo to this. Because of his song "Lie", we know he went through some tough times so that's why I chose these lyrics. ____________________________

▪Rap Monster▪


"I can clearly hear the rain hitting the earth I smile, it’s the best background music Like a crazy guy, I start to hum"
Namjoon is such a sentimental. ♡ This song reminds me of him cause he seems so chill. (Unless you get him mad lol)


"Outro: Wings"

"I made a decision I will have unconditional trust It’s time to be brave I’m not afraid"
Our sunshine. ♡ Our hope. ♡ Hobi loves ARMY so much and he works so hard every day to make us happy!~


"Ma City"

"Honestly speaking, there’s really nothing to brag about in Daegu My birth itself is Daegu’s pride, right?"
Suga will always brag about his hometown. ♡ This song reminds me of him because he seems to be the proudest of his roots.



"My happy times asked me this question You, are you really okay, it asked me Oh no I replied, no, I’m so afraid Still, I hold the 6 flowers tightly in my hands"
It feels like Jin is really trying to find his place. He has been showing more of his real side lately and ARMY still has nothing but love for him. ♡ Hopefully he can open up more. He is so beautiful and talented!

Don't forget to make cards of your own!!




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