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Fans Destroy a Car in a Fit of Rage

Here's a crazy fan story for you:

Sechs Kies was a huge, HUGE Kpop group back in the day (they're back now, but let's forget about that for a second)

When they annouced they were disbanding it was chaos. Like, worst than when 1D lost Zayn haha it was NUTS.

Jo Young Goo was a reporter at Sechs Kies' goodbye concert. Sechs Kies fans, devastated by the group's disbandment, mistook Jo Young Goo's car as Sechs Kies CEO's car and destroyed the car.

Over 1,000 fans gathered around his car and stole his belongings.

The poor reporter only got that car 2 weeks prior, AND he didn't recieve any financial compensation :(

Remember to keep your head level when hearing bad Kpop news lol, dont go destroying any cars!
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o.o fans are scary honestly never cross them
4 months agoReply
If I were him I would have pulled those CCTV cameras and sued all of those crazy ass fans. They need to cut it out these groups do not belong to them. They can disband and move onto bigger and better things. These group individuals should be allowed to grow professionally.
4 months agoReply
damn smh
4 months agoReply
oh no that's terrible, poor reporter! those people should get him another car. 馃槦
4 months agoReply
I hope this won't happen anymore with cctv camera around
4 months agoReply