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Hey welcome to the fourth Wonho day!!

This week the theme is Reasons To Love the members of Monsta X.

So let's get on with it then!

1. His Love For Ramen

It makes me want to love him more for some reason. XD

2. He's Cute!

3. He Can Quickly Change To Being Sexy Within Seconds.

He claims he was born sexy. XD

4. He's A Goofball.

(Has cute and funny moments.)

5. He's A Scaredy-Cat!

(no subs sorry! but you get what's going on from just watching!)

6. His English.

(Very short video, but you get the gist!)

7. He's Very Compassionate!

8. His Voice!

9. His Dancing!

10. Him With Children!

Overall you should just love him!!!!

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and his fan is a beauty guru on YouTube
Edward Avila I mean