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Hello Royal Family! It's Melissa with OneJunn Wednesday! For this week's theme, we are sharing what we think are the crazist outfits our members has worn. Here are some of OneJunn's.
Ok, let's start with this outfit. Its kind of cool with the military style it has but the designs on sleeve throws it off. It makes you wonder what his stylist was thinking.

Now this outfit is a contrast with a contrast. I didn't even knew it was possible to do that.
Now this outfit the color matches but the style? I'm not sure but its pretty crazy though.

Another crazy outfit? Its like a mixture of cowboy and farmboy look. Don't you think?

Here is another outfit that is a contrast within a contrast. The shorts and boots is what makes this outfit crazy.

Well that's all for OneJunn Wednesday! Some of these outfits makes you wonder what his stylist was thinking about. Do you consider these outfits crazy?

These are some crazy outfits, but my leader is so cute in them. 😍
@sukkyongwanser So true! 😊
@IsoldaPazo Should we post more about him? just to make sure he is your bias? πŸ˜‰
Omg I swear every time I think I don't bias him, I see his cards and I'm just like stobbbb oppa