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Hello all! Welcome to my card, I'm happy to have you with me. So this theme is Seventeen in Suits. So, I have the honor of bringing my favorite pics of Scouts and Baby8 in a suit to light.

~ Scouts (S.Coups) ~

Just don't mind me
As I casually

Become Tyrannosaurus WRECKED. .

By this
Adorable Leader
Just can WE Appreciate
This Angel
For a bit
before I lose all ability to even.

I have been wrecked. . send for an ambulance. . .

~ Baby8 ~

Now this little cutie right here needs a lot of hugs. . .
This little guy is too precious for his OWN good.
I think he looks so handsome in a white suit.

~ Nope. . . Not Today. .

~ Also he can pull off turtlenecks so Well.

He wears pink also well. .
~ Pinstripe is my all time favorite suit on a guy. I don't know what it is, but it looks so sophisticated.

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S.Coups looks sexy and Minghao looks so cute!
Yes I agree!!
He's so adorable and sexy in them damn suits!!!!!